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Sneaky Tricks To Hide Your Guns And Other Survival Weapons When Forced To Evacuate In A Disaster

I still remember the look on my platoon leader’s face.

It was the summer of 1988, and the hottest movie in the theaters was Rambo III.

My brand new Rambo field knife cost me 3 months worth of “pizza and beer” money, and I was SO proud of it.

But little did I know, I would never see the knife again.

You can hear me tell the story (as well as why my missing knife matters the next time YOU have to bug out) in this week’s episode of Warrior Life TV:

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Have Any Other Tips For Hiding Your Weapons In A Forced Bugout Scenario?

Please Share Your Most Covert Arsenal Tricks Below Now…

  • Hey Jeff!

    Nice to see you. Its been quite a few years since you first issued your report on home made supplements and I first met you on line… and a few years since the first combat machete seminar in Austin where we met in person.

    I wish I could show you my AK street carry bag… its a nice paisley as I wanted it to look like something you would carry some camping gear in. (I teach Russian martial arts and hired one of my students to make it for me). Its sort of camo but also sort of 1970’s living room upholstery. lol. Funniest thing was on first trip I took it on I was going to Atlanta for some live fire training and it was a dead match to the bedspread in the roadside motel I stayed in. Its sure a funny photo now.

    Well, be well.
    Remember you have a friend in Sarasota if you are ever in these parts.

  • Gregory D'Amario says:

    I see the biggest problem as, weight and volume. One can carry a rifle and two pistols without too much fuss as demonstrated in the video, but the ammunition one would want to have in enough loaded magazines along with a reasonable amount of boxed or bagged bullets is going to require major heavy weight lifting/carrying training, not to mention the space and weight of food, water, clothing, shelter, cooking equipment, first aid, RX medications, camping tools, sun glasses, flashlights, lasers, mini Ipad, solar battery charger, battery powered walkie-talkies, sunscreen, bug spray, money, etc. If you are walking out, each family member is going to need a massive backpack and a little red wagon with over sized wheels to haul all this stuff.

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