The Bugout Survival Tip MAD MAX Got Wrong (And How It Could Save Your Life!)

The Bugout Survival Tip MAD MAX Got Wrong (And How It Could Save Your Life!)

Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson, Editor

“Mad Max: Fury Road” nearly broke the Internet when it came out not so long ago.

As great as the movie is, it suffers from one fatal flaw…

In a real long-term apocalypse, there’d be no fuel available to run all those killer monster-machines!

What Mad Max got wrong, though, is just what could save your life in a real crisis as everyone around you is paralyzed by empty gas tanks and no fuel resupply to help them escape during a crisis.

Fortunately, I recently caught up with  Scott B. Williams who had the answer about…

How To Bug Out On Two Wheels… With No Gas!


When the worst happens — maybe it’s a natural disaster, or maybe it’s a collapse in civil order, or maybe it’s something else — you may need to leave your home or survival retreat and go to another designated safe zone.

This is what bugging out is.

But have you considered that you won’t be alone when disaster strikes?

When Bugging Out From A Disaster, Your First Priority Is To Get Ahead Of the Crowd

You see, the problem is, when trouble hits, you’re not going to be the only one looking to “bug out”.

They may not call it that, but they’re going to take to the highways, flooding the streets in order to escape the danger.

Even if you CAN drive, you’ll be limited to the fuel in your tank… because when disaster strikes an the power goes out, there’s no fuel to run the pumps.

Real events have shown us this often turns our highways into virtual “parking lots”.

Cars with empty fuel tanks, families stuck in the middle of nowhere… there will be masses of people who have no supplies, no skills, and no means to sustain themselves.

If you’re going to have any hope of getting ahead of the crowd and moving at anything but a snail’s pace, you’ve got to have reliable transportation.

The Bug Out Bike Advantage: No Gas Needed!

One of the most frequently ignored or overlooked forms of transportation is the bicycle.

It’s fast, you can carry cargo on it, and it requires no fuel at all.

Evacuees pouring out of New Orleans and other cities in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina showed us just how useful a bike could be to get ahead of the crowds.

To get the most out of a bicycle for bugging out, though, you’ve got to choose the right one, and you’ve got to set it up right.

The resulting bike is small enough to let you zip around and past gridlocked vehicles… and should be light enough that you can pick it up and carry it over obstacles.

Use Your Bike To Haul Your Gear

The best bug out bike will help you travel long distance indefinitely.

You’ve got to set it up with cargo-carrying features, though, or it can’t take the load off your body.

You’ll need to add cargo carriers on the sides, and maybe mount your bedroll or some other tool or gear pouch to the handlebars.

Without the weight of gear strapped on your body, you’ll travel farther with less fatigue, and the bike lets you travel over and through difficult terrain while carrying your gear and doing most of the work.

This frees you to power and direct the bike without carrying things on your body.

Bike Your Way To Safety… Using Your Legs Alone

A bug out bicycle, or a small fleet of them, will let your family escape danger.

That is what bugging out is all about, after all.

It is getting to your designated retreat, or to your home, where your stockpile of survival supplies is waiting for you.

The bicycle lets you to move faster than you can on foot, and allows you to take more gear with you as you go than you might otherwise be able to shoulder.

It absolutely should be considered in your survival plans.

What’s Your Bugout Vehicle Of Choice?

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