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MCS 156: Bug-Out Survival Tips For Senior Citizens & Disabled

Are you “old-er” or have a physical disability that would make bugging out or other survival skills more difficult?

Or maybe you care for someone who is challenged physically?

This is a common obstacle many survivalists face when it comes to planning out how they would respond to a natural disaster or wide-scale crisis.

In fact, one of our NWPA members, Steve, has this “problem”… and gave me permission to let you listen in on our phone call where I shared with him a no-nonsense reply he wasn’t expecting.

Now I challenge YOU to follow the same advice I gave Steve… and I’ll even throw in a few extra “bonus tips” after the call!

Survival For Seniors During Forced Evac

Survival Tips For Senior Citizens

Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • “Bugging out” for seniors?  Impossible, right? Well…
  • “But MY situation is different!”  What to do when the rules don’t seem to apply to you!
  • How age and physical ability can affect your evacuation decision during a disaster!
  • The simple “back-up” gear you’ll need for fast mobilization!
  • The 1 single most important piece of “survival gear” you MUST have… even if you’re NOT a “prepper”!

I’d love to hear your survival tips for planning for senior citizens or those with a disability during a disaster.

So be sure to leave a comment on our blog about your challenges (and successes!) so we can all learn together

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

Help Your Fellow Survivalists Learn From Your Own Successes (And Screw-Ups)…

Please Share Your Personal Survival Tips For Senior Citizens & Disabled Below Now…

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