MCS 021 - Building Your "Bug-Out Bike" With Scott Williams

MCS 021 – Building Your “Bug-Out Bike” With Scott Williams

Forget your armor-plated Hummer!

Thanks to these great “bug-out bike” secrets from survival author, Scott Wiliams, I’ll be peddling my way to the safe-zone long after you and your cammo’d up kiddos are sitting on the side of the road with an empty gas tank.

Want to join the “Tour de Force”?

Then get ready to add this critical (and often overlooked) layer of alternative transportation into your evacuation plan…

Bugging Out On A Bike: Getting Away On Two Wheels

Bug Out Survival Bike

Here’s what you’ll discover in this week’s broadcast:

  • Why a bicycle could just be the ultimate survival vehicle when the world crumbles around you!
  • How to incorporate a bike into a comprehensive evacuation plan… and when to make it your primary means of transportation!
  • The exact type of bike you want to look for to get you to safety quick (Hint: It’s NOT what most people are using!)
  • The absolute WORST way to load up your survival gear when you have to pedal to your secondary safe-zone… and the right way to transport your resources.
  • Special gear to look for that will help make your bicycle bug-out get you to safety 7 times easier and faster than hoofing it by foot!

It’s time to trade in your Pee-Wee Herman cruiser for a bicycle that even Mad Max would be proud to own!

Let’s get ready to ride!

Got A Bug-Out Bike?
What Mods Have You Found Most Helpful For Optimizing For Evac?

Please Share Your Advice Below…

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