How To Choose The Best Self Defense Knife For Knife Fighting

MCS Podcast 48: Choosing The Best Combat Knife With Jeff Anderson

Not all personal defense knives are designed for the reality of deadly knife combat.

The right knife – from grip to blade – must be focused on one thing alone… to kill if necessary.  Quickly.

In this “archive broadcast”, MCS Editor Jeff Anderson gets grilled on the features you should consider when choosing a knife you can bet your life on.

Choosing The Best Combat Knife For Personal Self-Defense

Choosing The Best Self Defense Knife For Combat

 Here’s what awaits you in this week’s episode…

  • Common mistakes so many blade-carrying patriots make in their knife choices… that could set you up for a deadly surprise if you ever need to use it to save your life!
  • The 3 main features you need to analyze based on “street reality” when choosing your combat knife!
  • Which blade design is most suited for deadly edged-weapon fighting (especially when your attacker may be heavily clothed and hard to cut)!
  • The most overlooked factor in combat knife design that could literally put you at a disadvantage in a real-world attack! (Too many companies go for “cool” instead of “practicality” when designing this one feature.)
  • Covert carry!  The best ways to carry your combat knife concealed… and yet still be able to pull it out quick to defend against an ambush!

Make sure you have your own knife handy to check it against our specs… and then decide if another purchase is in order.  (Like you really needed a “reason” to go buy another knife?)

Ok, It’s Bragging Time… What Blade Are YOU Packing?

Please Share Your Personal Choice Below Now…

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