Collapse Q&A: The Biggest Mistakes Every Prepper Makes

Collapse Q&A: The Biggest Mistakes Every Prepper Makes

Why is most of the “conventional wisdom” WRONG when it comes to surviving a total collapse?

Because it mostly boils down to “buy more gear.”

And all the gear in the world isn’t enough if you’re making the “conventional wisdom” of survival.

Ultimately, your ability to survive a collapse scenario won’t come down to a gadget from an online “guru”…

…it’s about core characteristics inside you.

You have to cultivate them.

Don’t get me wrong, having “bullets, beans and Band-Aids” on hand is great and can save your life.

But the “three Bs” won’t help much if you haven’t mastered the “three Ss”

Spirit… the right mindset to keep your wits about you when catastrophe strikes.

Skills… the right set of know-how to deal with the unique challenges presented by a collapse scenario.

Strategy… a plan for what you’re going to do when disaster comes knocking on your door… and another plan for when that plan fails.

Best of all, mastering the “three Ss” is simple, costs nothing and anyone can do it, whether you’re 70 years old and using a cane to get around or you’re 20 years old and moving into your first apartment in a new city.

So no matter how much you think you know about survival in a collapse environment, this week’s podcast is designed to help you look at the mistakes you might be making with fresh eyes, regardless of whether you’ve been interested in this stuff for 20 days or 20 years.

Collapse Q&A: The Biggest Mistakes Every Prepper Makes

Collapse Q&A: Questions And Answers About How To Survive A Disaster
Collapse Q&A: Questions And Answers About How To Survive A Disaster

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Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • The number one problem with most “conventional wisdom” about collapse survival.
  • The most likely collapse scenarios you need to plan for today.
  • The quick process that turns your neighbors into your worst enemies.
  • Two behaviors that are KILLING your survival prepping.
  • And much, MUCH more!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What Piece Of “Received Wisdom” Do YOU Think Is TOTALLY WRONG? What’s Not?

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  • Tom Watson, III says:

    Leave off the Twitter etc. yellow circles over text. Hard to read with them in the way.

  • Philip Graf says:

    Obeying government orders to relocate.

  • Do not trust anyone who you have in your inner circle.

  • I live in Fla too 78 and I l plan to not evacuate and end up
    Stuck on 1-95. Or 10 . Better to stay where I have well prepped and take whatever happens in a breakdown. I would go inland for a couple days on a strong 2 or more but that’s different. I don’t expect to prevail long but I am pretty good so…

    • Likewise. Already inland in Central Fl

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