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Ignore This 1 Simple Survival Weapons Tip And Your Guns May Be Nothing But Junk

I know there’s a bunch of controversy right now about our ability to keep our warm, live fingers on our weapons before they’re pried from our cold, dead hands.

I only wish more survivalists realized you could be disarming YOURSELF by simply ignoring this one critical concept…

… firearms break!

You see, having all the guns, ammunition, and magazines in the world won’t help you if a critical spring, firing pin, or bolt breaks.

And when you think about it, the harsh conditions of a “collapse scenario” make it much easier for your survival firearms arsenal to fail on you when you need it the most.  So here a…

Easy Tip For Protecting Your Survival Guns In A Collapse!

Survival Firearms Tip This tip originally came from one of our readers (“Jim” from Philadelphia) who had some sage advice…

“There are firearms accessories providers who offer complete spare parts kits and individual spare parts for many popular weapons. Make sure you have spare parts on hand for your gun’s high-wear parts, especially things like firing pins, extractors, and recoil springs. A broken gun is a useless paperweight, and in times of social chaos it will be very difficult to do something about the problem. Have the parts on hand before the fact so you can keep your weapons operating.”

Jim’s tip reveals a little-known secret that very few preppers ever even think about when it comes to knowing how to build the ultimate survival weapons arsenal.

When all the gun stores are locked up and the nearest Walmart has been looted to the floor boards, it’s too late for you to plan.

What’s Your Favorite Firearm In Your Survival Weapons Arsenal?

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