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Size DOES Make A Difference! Here’s The Secret I Hide In My Pants. (Not What You’re Thinking!)

Back in the mid-80’s while assigned for some jungle training and counter-drug patrols in Honduras, my platoon was finally given a pass to leave our muddy mosquito camp at Palmerola and head into the local town for a sampling of the culture and a few brewskis.

Now there had recently been a bombing in a nightclub in Tegucigalpa, so I was damn skippy not about to go on a walkabout without packing some sort of backup.

I take my survival weapons plan very seriously. And since firearms were out of the question, all I had was this one weapon I thought to take with me… Covert Survival Knife Carry

What I decided to carry with me for defense was my big-ass survival knife that was normally strapped to my field gear for jungle ops.

Now, of course I couldn’t walk around town looking like a reject extra from Rambo 17, so I engineered a way to carry my knife covertly inside my waistband and found that not only was it comfortable enough that I barely knew it was there, but…

… it was so hidden that no one around me had a clue I was packing!

Today, I still make sure I have this option for covert carry of my Gerber LMF-II survival knife.

Think about it…

In a collapsed environment where resources are scarce, wearing your survival knife where it’s visible can make you a target.

People see that knife and figure you may have equipment they can use and aren’t afraid to ambush you to get it.

Especially in urban areas, you gotta be ultra-covert, so here’s how you can hide your own knife when walking the wasteland after a collapse…

How To Hide Your Own Big Ass Survival Knife For Covert Carry After A Collapse

  • First, it helps to have pants a couple sizes too big at the waistband, but if you’re used to concealing a firearm inside your waistband, you already have this covered.
  • Next, it’s largely about the sheath, so make sure your chosen knife’s has lashing holes at least near the top where you can zip-tie it around your belt (or have one made). I pierced 2 tiny holes at the waistband to allow the ties to remain vertical and hold the sheath tightly in place so it didn’t ride up when drawing the knife.
  • Personally I wear the knife vertically on my strong side (at the 3:00 position) because I’m used to drawing my Glock (at the 4:30 position) in the same manner… lift shirt with opposite hand – grab knife handle with an “icepick grip” – draw.

      Survival Knife Covert Draw

With a little practice, you can get a 1-second extraction that’s smooth as butter.

Now I Know What You’re Thinking – And You’re Absolutely Correct…

If you’re gonna draw for defense, why reach for a knife when you’ve got a handgun right there, right?

I agree… except that there may be areas where a firearm isn’t allowed (as I found) and in “survival mode”, your knife should be an extension of your body and with you always.

The best survival weapons plan is one that covers more than just guns and provides you with options no matter what conditions you may find yourself in – especially since firearms may be lost, stolen, confiscated or break, right?

So you should always have a “plan b survival weapon” and know how to carry it covertly.

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