Here Are 5 "Survive In Place" Myths That Could Get You Killed (Or Jailed) In A Crisis!

Here Are 5 “Survive In Place” Myths That Could Get You Killed (Or Jailed) In A Crisis!

Whenever there is a natural disaster or civil unrest in your area, most people will make the decision to stick it out and shelter-in-place at home no matter what the odds.

For short-term, minor emergencies, things could blow over quickly and all you may need are a few boarded up windows and some extra dry-goods to hold you over until the danger passes.

But in a more serious threat – especially when there’s a breakdown in civil order as law enforcement and emergency response are strained beyond capacity – you could find yourself being forced to survive under a whole new set of rules… or lack thereof. In fact…

Here Are 5 “Survive In Place” Myths That Could
Get You Killed (Or Jailed) In A Crisis…

Shelter In Place Survival Tips

#1 – Ignoring Rule Of Law

Just because you see your fellow citizens coming out of the hardware store with armloads of power tools, it’s not your free pass to do whatever you want.

It may look like they’re getting away with it at the moment, but at some point, the emergency will end and there WILL be law and order again.

When it does, eye-witness reports and CCTV cameras could catch up with you and a defense argument of “but THEY did it too!” won’t be enough to save you

#2 – Faking Out The Looters

One popular belief to prevent your home from being looted is to make your house look abandoned and unattractive to hooligans.

Actually, it’s quite the opposite and an abandoned appearance makes your home more enticing to scavengers who will see it as a safe place to see what was left over.

#3 – A “Looters Will Be Shot” Sign

These are all the rage among armed citizens after a disaster.

But these signs actually tell looters you have guns – guns they may want – and they’re not going to simply knock on your door and ask nicely for them.

Instead, they could ambush you when you least expect it and just take them.

But they’re not your only threat… that sign also tells local police/military you have a gun and they may confiscate it because you’re crazy enough to start popping off citizens at random.

#4 – Dying For Your Guns

It may seem patriotic and brave to live by the slogan “They’ll pry my gun out of my cold dead fingers”, but do you really think you’re going to hold off a SWAT team or military squad of grunts armed with tear gas and heavy artillery?

Bottom line, if they want your guns, they’re gonna get your guns… and if you want to remain armed, you gotta be a lot sneakier than simply standing there with your AR-15 wrapped in a flag, giving the Chief of Police the finger.

(More on this in coming posts.)

#5 – Ignoring “Bug-Out Triggers”

In any emergency, there’s a time to stay… and a time to get gone.

Indecision and procrastination has literally killed entire families as they waited to make an evacuation decision until it was too late.

At the very least, you’re probably looking at getting caught in the mass exodus traffic jam with all the other procrastinators who waited till the last minute to load and leave.

What Other “Survive In Place” Mistakes Do You Think People May Make?

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