Laugh At Doomsday Prepper Survival Training? Here's Weird Proof How EASY It Is To "Collapse". . .

Laugh At Doomsday Prepper Survival Training? Here’s Weird Proof How EASY It Is To “Collapse”. . .

Not only will what I have to share be a giant wake-up call to just how fragile our society is…

… but it will also give you a whole different appreciation of “truckers”!

You see, “collapse” isn’t something that typically happens in one giant THUD that wipes everything out in an instant like a meteor crashing out of the sky, sending us all the way of the dinosaurs.

It’s a chain-reaction that can be caused by any triggering event like the 5 no-b.s. collapse threats I talk about in my free guide, “Survival Gear Secrets”.

(If you want me to send you a free copy of my book, just click here and I’ll send it to you…)

When any of these very real events are triggered, they will cause a domino effect that will have a very predictable outcome.

In fact, a recent report developed for “National Truck Driver Appreciation Week” was a real shocker, and forces us to ask the question…

“Are We Just One Truck Driver Away From A Doomsday Scenario?”

Doomsday Prepper Survival Training For Bugging Out

Ok, first, you need a “trigger event”, right?

Let’s say it’s a pandemic disease outbreak – the kind that the Center For Disease Control (CDC) has been trying to tell us we’re LONG overdue for…

Diseases can spread very quickly across the country through long-distance transportation such as by people using airplanes, trains…

… and even long-distance truck-drivers delivering goods!

Since truckers often stop in the same locations as other truckers for rest, food, re-fueling, and resupply, all it would take is just a few truck-drivers exposed to a medicine-resistant strain of flu or other virus, to rapidly spread the disease throughout the entire trucking industry.

Now here’s where things get really scary…

You see, most people don’t realize just how dependent we are on our nation’s truck drivers.

Our entire trucking system is part of our nation’s critical underlying infrastructure that supplies every single household and business with all the things we take for granted, such as food, water, medicines, fuel, repair parts, etc.

And according to a recent report released, here’s what you can expect to see happen without this indispensable lifeline…

Within 24 Hours Of “No Trucking”:

  • Delivery of all medical supplies to affected areas ceases
  • Hospitals will run out of basic supplies
  • Service stations will run out of fuel, skyrocketing prices and creating long lines at the gas pumps
  • Food shortages begin to develop

Within 2-3 Days:

  • Consumer panic over food shortages escalates
  • Supplies of bottled water, powdered milk, and canned meat will disappear
  • ATM’s will run out of cash and banks will close
  • Garbage will pile up in urban and suburban areas
  • Ships and trains will be disrupted from delivery

Within 1 Week:

  • All automobile traffic will cease due to lack of fuel
  • Hospitals will begin to exhaust oxygen supplies

Within 2 Weeks:

  • Clean water supply will begin to run dry (or become contaminated due to non-functional infrastructure)

Within 4 Weeks:

  • The nation’s clean water supply will be completely exhausted.

Now do you see why I continuously try to tell you that “It only takes 3 days to go from calm… to CHAOS!”?

And this is only from a “bad flu” hitting truck drivers!

There are plenty of other “triggering events” I talk about in my free “Survival Gear Secrets” book I’ll send to you (plus, I tell the warning signs to look out for so you have your own “collapse radar” that gives you prior notice before anyone else even knows what’s about to hit).

This is why we prep, right folks?

This is why YOU need to be the most prepared person on your block in order to protect yourself and those you love from the dangers that your neighbors don’t even realize are out there.

You do.

But that knowledge is no good without “action”, right?

Walk the path, my friend.

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