The Ebola Virus And You: Should You Be Worried About A Pandemic Outbreak?

The Ebola Virus And You: Should You Be Worried About A Pandemic Outbreak?

The worst outbreak of Ebola virus in history is happening right now in West Africa and has claimed more than 700 lives according to the latest count from the World Health Organization.

“This outbreak is moving faster than our efforts to control it,” Margaret Chan, chief of the World Health Organization

Ebola generally starts with flu-like symptoms but it’s known for the extreme hemorrhaging it causes, including bleeding out of the eyes and what’s known as “black vomit”.

Death can occur within as little as just 7 days.

The Ebola Virus And You: Should You Be Worried?

Should You Be Worried About Ebola?

Historically, Ebola outbreaks have been contained in rural areas… but now a man infected with Ebola has gotten onto a plane and died in one of Africa’s busiest cities.

Pandemics can start with just one person in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Modern air travel will continue to spread the sickness, and while our government refuses to close our borders to nations that have the illness, everything has the potential to get bad – very bad – very quickly.

People will react as they always do in times of panic, with hording, hysterics, and a mad dash for survival supplies.

Violence won’t be far behind.

What You Should Do Right Now To
Prepare For An Ebola Outbreak…

Actually there’s no treatment for Ebola, so the only way to avoid exposure is to avoid exposure.

The key is to pay attention to the warning signs abroad and look to see if it makes its way to a country near you as it spreads.

You can spot the “5 signs” of a coming pandemic or other wide-scale collapse when you get our Survival Gear Secrets free guide here…

You DON’T want to get caught unprepared for something like this and you need the right equipment on hand to be ready all the time.

Get our report today… and hope like hell the authorities can get a handle on this new, terrifying public health threat before the whole mess is out of their hands.

8/6/14 Update:

Ok, Ebola has made its way to the U.S. with a doctor in New York being treated and 2 people in Atlanta just admitted to the hospital (at least one flew in with the virus).

The warning signs are there… and I hope you’re ready just in case.

In A Pandemic, Medical Support Will Be Severely Limited!

What Preparations Have You Made So Far To “Be Your Own Doctor”?

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