Video - How To Survive An EMP Attack

Video: The “Easiest Way” To Cripple The U.S. (And Every Enemy Knows This!)

I’m all about “getting along” and, having had boots on the battlefield, I can promise you that I’d opt for peace over war any day.

But all this talk about playing nice with countries that would like nothing more than to see every American dead, really gets my temper boiling.

Fact is, it’s not all that hard to send our country into a complete state of “collapse” with one single strategic attack…

… and every “enemy country” knows it!

Check Out What North Korea Tried To Sneak Into Our Country For A Possible EMP Attack…

Former CIA Director, James Woolsey, said that the threat of a blackout collapse is the the one thing that keeps him up at night.

He went on to say that 9 in 10 Americans could be killed if we were to experience a massive grid-down scenario.

This could literally kickstart WW3…

Unfortunately, most Americans can’t live without electricity (as Director Woolsey revealed) and I fear that the chaos would spread faster than they think.

What do you think?

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