EMP Alert: Steps To Take Now

EMP Alert: Steps To Take Now

Every 11 years, the magnetic field of the Sun flips.

This powerful force that drive sunspots, solar flares and huge explosions of solar material, flips upside down.

Why is this important?

Because the effects of this magnetic shock wave are felt across the solar system and as it makes its way towards Earth, it can disrupt satellites and wipe out our fragile power grids…

… and it’s happening right now!

EMP Threat Alert:  Sept. 13-15

I watch the “solar weather” just for this type of a scenario because I know that if our power grid goes dow, so do our societal support systems like:


  • Refrigeration
  • Hospital services
  • Law enforcement services
  • Gas stations
  • Even your own car and electronic items


The result can be complete pandemonium with looting, desperate hungry citizens, and even riots in the chaotic aftermath!

Well with this recent solar activity, there’s a gaping “Coronal Hole” that’s emmitting massive amounts of energy and we could start seeing the effects of it as they reach Earth around September 13-15 (yes, this week).

I’m not saying to expect the zombies to start roaming the Earth, but ask yourself…

…Are you prepared to survive without electricity “just in case”?

This is WHY you and I both “prepare” and follow this lifestyle, isn’t it?

You know that most people are completely clueless about these threats, let alone are even taking actions to prepare for them.

Here’s One Trick To Survive An EMP Threat…

It’s called a “Faraday Cage” and it will help protect important electronics from an EMP event.

Basically it acts as a shield so your electronics don’t get fried.

I use it for things like:


  • GPS unit
  • Radio
  • 2-way radios and batteries
  • Solar charger
  • iPad & cell phones (they’ll be of use at some point)
  • Laptop computer


Here’s how to build your cheap “Faraday Cage” …

  1. Use an ordinary galvanized metal trashcan with a tight fitting lid (needs perfect metal to metal contact).
  2. Remove batteries from all devices
  3. Place electronics inside a trash bag, then inside trash can. No grounding is needed.
  4. The trash can acts as a Faraday cage and will protect your gear.

As you can see, protecting your electronic gear isn’t difficult with just a few simple steps.

Of course there are bigger issues to deal with like your vehicle, etc.

The time to plan for EMP defense is now.

What Other EMP Survival Tips Do You Know?

Leave Your Comments Below Now…

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