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MCS 257 – Flash Mob Violence (Escape And Evasion For Riots)


The threat of mob violence is greater than ever before in our country.

Political mobs, and political violence, are everywhere — and will only get WORSE as elections approach.

Social media allows everyone from pranksters to violent thugs and even terrorists to coordinate their mob activities.

Even if you don’t face an organized “flash mob”…

…you could find yourself in the middle of a riot anytime you’re in public.

It takes NOTHING to set off a riot these days.

If that happens, you and your family will be in danger.

So what can you do to avoid mob violence?

And how do you fight back or escape if you CAN’T avoid it?

In this week’s podcast episode, Modern Combat & Survival’s Jeff Anderson interviews firearms and survival expert Salvatore DeGennaro to answer these questions… and more!

Vehicular ESCAPE AND EVASION From Mob Violence!

Flash Mob Violence Escape And Evasion For Riots
Flash Mob Violence Escape And Evasion For Riots

Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • Sneaky tips and tricks for avoiding mob violence BEFORE it begins.
  • The WORST mistakes you can make if you suddenly find yourself driving into a mob!
  • How to “fake out” a mob to keep them from targeting you and your family!
  • The one weapon you DON’T want to keep in your car if you can help it.
  • How to handle yourself if you have to use DEADLY FORCE in a mob riot situation!

The information in this podcast could literally save your life when you and your family encounter a “flash mob” or a riot.

Don’t miss this episode — and prepare while you can.

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