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Collapse Survival Tips As Oath Keeper “Defenders” Take To Rooftops To Protect Ferguson During Riots

An armed man, dressed in camouflage and carrying an assault rifle, waits for darkness to fall.

When it does, he finds the building he wants. He climbs to the roof.

From up high, he can see the people moving around on the street – restless, angry, eager.

He checks his magazine, making sure he has enough rounds to keep the owners of the store safe from looting and rioters.

This is what it looks like when patriotic Americans band together to help each other survive the chaos of a city in collapse.

Who Will Protect YOU When Riots Consume Your City?

Ferguson Oath Keepers Social Chaos

This was the scene in Ferguson, Missouri, when rioting and looting engulfed the city over the refusal to indict Officer Darren Wilson for the shooting of robbery suspect Michael Brown… and again on the 1 year anniversary lately when violence resurfaced in the city.

Armed men, members of a patriot group called the “Oath Keepers”, took the streets and rooftops to keep hard-working business owners safe from arson.

They put their lives on the line in a dangerous situation… and for their patriotism, for their courage, they were branded “domestic terrorists” by federal and local authorities — the very same people who DIDN’T stop the looting, rioting, and burning!

Do You See What You Can Expect When Collapse Consumes Your Community?

The fact is, when your world crumbles around you – like it did for the people of Ferguson – the police WON’T be there to protect your family.

They’ll be in some police line protecting what the city government wants them to protect (specifically, their own asses).

That leaves you and your family at the mercy of a violent mob when those looters shows up on your doorstep with gasoline… a lighter… and maybe even guns.

Do you really want to face a mob, alone, with only your firearm?

All it will take is a few shots into the crowd to trigger a full blown mob attack on your home.

They’ll rush you… swamp you… and overwhelm you.

They’ll make you watch your walls turn from smoke… to flame… to a churning blaze.

They’ll hoot in glee as you and your family burn alive, trapped in your home, because you’re “one of them” and they want REVENGE.

The Key To Surviving A Collapse Is To Plan Now For Your Own “Defense Team”

Your best bet is to plan NOW to network with your fellow neighbors and citizens to defend your neighborhood en masse.

Only in higher (armed!) numbers can you defend your own home and the area around you from a potential mob attack.

Joining forces and knowing HOW to respond is what it’s all about.

That’s why we pulled together about 5,000 fellow survivalists for their best tips on surviving economic collapse.

These tactics are an arsenal of sneaky tricks to protect your family when the mobs are roaming your city streets.

Don’t wait until men with torches are marching down your street.

Prepare now to defend your family in a collapse.

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