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Fighting A Dog: The Deadly Urban Survival Threat of Feral Animals

Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson, Editor

Most of the time, when we think about the dangers of a post-collapse scenario, we think of the dangers of “men”, right?

The men who didn’t prepare and want to break into your food supply…

The mob of people trying desperately to get resources that don’t exist any more…

The men in SWAT stormtrooper suits who refuse to do anything to help….

The gunman. The looter. The violent madman.

And in focusing on these threats, we forget that one of the most serious dangers doesn’t come from man at all.

It comes from man’s “best friend”, and you must beware of…

The Deadly Urban Survival Threat of Vicious Feral Dogs

Fighting A Wild Dog: The Deadly Urban Survival Threat of Feral Canines
Fighting A Wild Dog: The Deadly Urban Survival Threat of Feral Canines

Look, I like dogs. When they’re under the control of an owner who cares for them, they’re some of the sweetest and most loyal friends on Earth, right?

But we’ve seen what happens when huge numbers of dogs get left behind during a disaster.

We saw it in the Russian Olympics, where entire neighborhoods were emptied out for the games and people were forced to leave their dogs behind.

We saw it during Hurricane Katrina, as people fled for their lives and their dogs were left to survive on their own.

Left alone, dogs aren’t sweet and loyal.

They become just as determined to survive as any of us.

And they form packs.

Here are four urban survival tactics to survive a vicious dog attack!

1. Never Turn Your Back Or Run

Turning your back, or running away, is a HUGE mistake when facing feral dogs.

It triggers the instinct to attack you as “prey.”

Your dog may have done this playfully many times – but it’s no joke when you’re dealing with a pack of hungry animals who see you as walking dinner.

Fight your instincts and remember this incredibly important fact.

2. Never Look A Feral Dog In The Eye

It’s natural to want to make eye contact.

Don’t do it!

In the “dog world,” this is considered a challenge.

So is standing in front of the dog; this makes it look to the dog as if you are preparing to attack.

Turn to the side and avert your eyes to avoid escalating the dog’s aggression.

3. Don’t Scream Or Yell In A High-Pitched Voice

We naturally raise the pitch of our voices when we’re scared.

Consciously use a low, punishing, authoritative voice command that they may remember from a previous owner:


This can remind them that you are the alpha, and avoid potential attacks.

4. When All Else Fails, Take A Stand And Fight!

Don’t underestimate how dangerous a pack of dogs can be.

They CAN kill you, even if you take one or two down.

A distance weapon you can use to keep the pack at bay is ideal.

A stick can work, but a long, sharp “spear” of some kind is best.

Skewer one snarling dog, and the others will get the picture very quickly.

Here’s How To Make An Improvised Survival Weapon Against Dog Packs…

Again, when it comes to keeping a pack of dogs from ripping you apart, distance is your friend.

You can improvise a spear with a stick or pipe of some kind.

Metal works best because of it’s strength and if it’s hollow, it can act like a “hypodermic needle” that will inflict massive damage and cause lots of bleeding that will likely trigger the instincts of the other (starving!) dogs to take advantage of the easier meal.

But of course you’re not going to find the perfect sharpened pipe right there on the ground when you’re caught off-guard by a pack of vicious animals.

Better to have your own ready-made weapon with you or in your bug-out bag, like I do.

It’s one of the tips I like most in my survival gear secrets report, which you can see right here…

Get your “urban survival weapon” ready now so you can just “grab and go” along with your bugout bag.

You never know when you’re going to need one.

Have You Ever Faced A Vicious Animal? What Did You Do?

Please Share Your Thoughts And Experiences Below…

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