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Follow These 4 “Flash Riot” Survival Tips To Escape To Safety In A Collapse

In a riot or civil collapse scenario, social chaos will cause people to behave as predators.

In some cases, the social chaos event is CAUSED by a group of predators, such as terrorists or “active shooters.”

In other cases, the mob is simply reacting to a condition that has caused people to become very violent.

Whenever groups of people come together, whether as stampeding, hysterical mobs or as more focused political or social rioters, and even if a group of citizens is milling around and simply forming an obstacle, these crowds can be very harmful to you.

If they stop you from getting where you are trying to go, or they injure you through their violence, they are a threat.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to escape a rioting mob…

Follow These 4 “Flash Riot” Survival Tips
To Escape To Safety In A Collapse

Riot Survival

1. Identify (And Avoid) The Agitators

If the crowd starts to become hostile, you’ll notice quickly who are the “agitators”.

These are the ones who are louder and more vocal than the others.

These people drive the mob on.

Stay as far away from them as possible because they’ll likely be at the epicenter of violence once the crowd has been triggered into escalating the unrest.

2. Avoid Law Enforcement

If riot-control police or military personnel respond to the crowd, work your way to areas of the crowd as far away from these personnel as you can get.

The average riot control cop or soldier does not know (or care) if you’re one of the violent ones.

In their own adrenaline surge, and sense of self-protection, the baton doesn’t discriminate.

Put as much of the crowd between you and these personnel to avoid taking the brunt of their response.

3. Navigate Natural Openings

When you’re stuck in the middle of a crowd, one way to escape to the outside is to try and strong-arm your way through the pushing and pulling rioters.

That can be exhausting and you may need your strength for dealing with the other potential dangers social chaos has in store for you.

A better way is to target someone else who has the same idea you do… and trail right behind them.

Just like following an ambulance through traffic, you can use the openings created by other people’s movements to more easily navigate through a crowd of people.

4. Go With the Flow

The direction you travel in a riot is very important.

Never try to fight your way against the flow of the mob.

Move with them, taking openings as you find them to work at 45 degree angles to the direction the crowd is moving until you can make your way to the outer edge and escape.

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What About Your Survival Tips?

Any Good Ones For Getting Out Of A Flash Mob Riot (Other Than “Not Being There”)?


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