Did You Drink Your Poison Today? The Government Is Telling You It's GOOD For You!

Did You Drink Your Poison Today? The Government Is Telling You It’s GOOD For You!

This is a real threat we face – right here… right now.

For nearly 50 years, the U.S. government and media have been telling you that fluoride is “safe and beneficial” – it’s supposed to reduce cavities, especially in children.

Manufacturers add it to toothpaste and municipalities put it in the publicís drinking water (about 70% of U.S. water is flouridated).

The government and industry lobbyists say that the only people who question the safety of fluoride are crackpots and lunatics (particularly of the far-right-wing variety).

Nothing could be further from the truth!

  • Endless studies have proven that fluoride does NOT exactly help protect and strengthen your teeth; it actually makes your teeth WEAKER.
  • Fluoride builds in the body, affecting the pineal gland which controls your sleep patterns, causing insomnia and fatigue during the day.
  • Fluoride has also been found to affect the brain and cause you to forget more often (and can even LOWER IQ, especially in growing children)
  • And fluoride has been shown to screw with your thyroid gland, revealing symptoms like low immunity… lower energy levels… reduced sexdrive, and unexplained weightgain.

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Don’t Believe The Government’s Fluoride Lies!

I know that sounds like some scare tactic… and it is… because this isn’t some “potential disaster” that you and I face like a blackout or pandemic.

This is most likely in YOUR home… right here… right now… and already doing it’s damage.

Do something to protect yourself and your family now!

1. Use “flouride free” dental care products only.

Just one normal brushing of flouride toothpaste is equal to an entire month’s so-called “safe dose” of flouride!

Hell, it even says right on the tube to call Poison Control if you swallow it!

2. Tell your dentist not to use fluoride treatment during your cleanings.

Yes, she’ll look at you like you’re crazy. Expect it… and don’t try to convice her of the flouride dangers. 90% of dentists are already brainwashed beyond repair.

The other 10% are trying to open the public’s eyes to the dangers.

Just make your request and move on.

3. Start filtering your tap water today!

You don’t need a fancy “installed” system to get started, but most hand pitchers DON’T filter out flouride.

Here’s one I tell people about that does filter out fluoride…

Use it for your drinking water… coffee… kids’ drinks… brushing your teeth… everything!

Look, the politicians are bought and paid for… and the flouride industry is laughing all the way to the bank at the expense of your and your family’s health (and very survival).

Only you can protect them.

#3 above is the most important because the vast majority of our U.S. water supply has flouride added to it – and it’s destroying our health!

Maybe that’s why 97% of Western Europe has rejected flouride as a deadly toxin!

Again, most water systems don’t filter out flouride – they only make your water “taste” better – and commercial “bottled water” uses the same contaminated water supply so it’s no better.

The water filter I recommend actually eliminates fluoride as well as 99.99% of all contaminants like prescription drugs and bacteria.

Make sure whatever you choose is powerful enough to really give you and your family clean water.

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