Fun "video quiz" tests your gun tactics! (See how you perform)

Fun “video quiz” tests your gun tactics!

I need your help for just a minute… but I promise you that this will be a special (fun!) surprise for you today…

It’s a short “video quiz” we custom-built just for you that tests your actions in 3 different “armed response” scenarios:

1. A Parking Lot Ambush
2. A Home Invasion
3. And A Convenient Store Confrontation

It will only take you a couple minutes to play, but your decisions in each of these videos will decide your fate…

Will you go home to your family?
Will you be arrested for your actions?
Or will you end up in the MORGUE?!

(Note: We’re still testing this new technology so your “test drive” of the quiz will help us see if there are any more snags before showing it to anyone else. Nearly 80% of our test group have failed these decisions, so I’m really curious what YOU will get out of it!)

Go ahead and take this short, fun, insightful “video quiz” now…

SDS Quiz Thumbnail

And let me warn you right now…

These are NOT easy decisions… but they’re VERY realistic scenarios you could find yourself in today.

Will you take the correct actions that will save your life AND keep you out of jail?

Only one way to find out…

Watch the first video now and make your selection…

Good luck!

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