Hiding Weapons Is Hurting Our Gun Rights? Some Hard Questions

Hiding Weapons Is Hurting Our Gun Rights?

I’ve got a “chin-scratcher” for you – something I’m not sure about, and I’d like your comments.

Recently I took a trip to Disney World, the “Happiest Place On Earth,” and one of my employees said something that worried me.

“A non-metallic weapon is great for theme parks, Jeff,” he said.

Now, I know what point he was making.

A lot of theme parts and other places (like stadiums) have security in place that checks you for weapons.

Even if you can legally carry, you aren’t allowed in if you have a gun or a knife.

A lot of prepared citizens turn to things like this non-metallic spike (a weapon I’ve talked about before on our email list).

The idea is that a plastic weapon won’t set off the metal detectors, and lets you stay prepared with something better than just your car keys (and what the security folks don’t know won’t hurt you, amiright?).

But here’s the head-scratcher:

Does carrying something like that work against you in the long run?

After all, you probably won’t get caught… but if you DO get caught, it’s VERY obvious you were trying to sneak a weapon past security.

In some places, that will get you banned from the park or stadium.

In others, it might even be against the law (in New York, for example, carrying a non-metallic weapon is actually illegal).

And every time some news outlet runs an article on the latest scary weapon that “gets past metal detectors,” the reporters somehow find a way to tie it to passing more “gun control” laws.

(It doesn’t make any sense, but they never let that stop them.)

So, here’s my question, and I really want to know what you think:

Is it better to carry a purpose-built covert weapon… even if in some ways this might be “bad” for gun rights and other weapons rights…

…or is it better to go the “improvised” route with something that has “plausible deniability” built in, something you can claim is a perfectly ordinary item, but which might or might not be less effective?

Please leave your opinions and weapons tips in the comments below, because I’d really like to know.

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