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Survival Weapons Showdown: Arming Yourself For “Home Defense” Vs. “Looter Defense”

Recently I was asked about the biggest mistake I see when it comes to DEFENDING YOURSELF following a disaster or a collapse.

One of the things I often warn against is the typical response of putting up a “Looters Will Be Shot” sign to scare off any potential human predators.

This is a big mistake I often see, but let’s face it… people do it for a reason – because when your area is in the white-knuckle grip of a crisis, you’re facing a dangerous combination of overwhelmed law-enforcement and criminal types who are looking to take advantage of the lack of authority.

But there’s a BIG DIFFERENCE between…

Choosing The Best Survival Weapons For “Survival” vs. Home Defense

Looter Defense Planning

Like most defense and preparedness plans that are often mapped out based on “ideal” conditions, this is actually the exact opposite of how you need to approach your preps.

That includes your weapons.

For example…

…Certain weather conditions can make a pistol useless

… the round I load in my shotgun for looter defense is the exact opposite of what I load for a home invasion

… and even the edged weapons I have handy are specific to a “mass attack”

Now, if you were banking on your typical “personal defense” arsenal to be a one-size-fits-all solution, you could find yourself in a world of trouble when the scum of society comes breaking down your door.

That’s why we prepared a free step-by-step survival weapon plan you can follow here…

In most cases, you don’t have to change what you’re doing… just prepare your weapons slightly differently to be prepared for true “survival” conditions.

And any additions you choose to make can all be done super-cheap (I show you how).

Get your free guide now  and have fun fine-tuning your weapons plan.

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