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(Home Invasion) How Jackie’s Traumatic Story Could Keep You Alive And 3 Things You Must Know To Survive

Jackie Alexander had no one to help her.

She tried to close the front door of her home but her attacker prevented it.

Jackie put all her weight and strength into it, straining against the effort, but her attacker was too big and strong. He slowly forced the door open.

When she knew it was a lost cause, Jackie turned and fled down the main hallway, her attacker in pursuit.

He grabbed her from behind and she struggled against his grip, stumbling and falling.

As she scrambled to her feet, pictures and vases clattering to the floor. Jackie raced toward the back bedroom and the one thing she knew could save her… her handgun.

She had no idea what he was going to do… if he simply wanted money… if he was going to rape her…. or even kill her.

Just moments earlier, it was a normal evening. With her husband at work, Jackie took her dog outside to go to the bathroom. While outside, she noticed a man walking down the sidewalk.

When he reached her home, he turned on to her lawn.

Jackie backed up and told him to stop. He didn’t listen and kept advancing toward her.

This is when she turned and headed inside, trying to close and lock the door.

Moments later, Jackie made it to the bedroom, but before being able to get to her gun…

Jackie Was Grabbed And Tossed On Her Bed…
And Her Attacker Climbed On Top Of Her!

She Was Alone, Helpless And Terrified!

Jackie Home Invasion Story

When he threw he on the bed, Jackie was in a state of panic. She knew no one was coming to her rescue.

Jackie had two choices.

Let it happen and pray for mercy.

Or she could fight back with everything she had.

With her attacker on top of her, but her left leg free… she pulled it back as far as she could and SLAMMED her foot into his chest with all the force she could muster.

The impact knocked him backward.

Home Invasion Bullets
Jackie’s two bullets missed their target!

Temporarily free of his grasp, she grabbed a nearby gun from the nightstand, yanked it from its case, sat up and FIRED two shots at her attacker.

As you can see in the picture below, Jackie’s shots missed her attacker and went into the wall, her closet and through a couple shirts.

But her attacker quickly retreated and fled the home.

Jackie was lucky… the nightmare she endured could’ve ended very differently.

Her story tells us three important things about protecting ourselves.

1. A gun is the great equalizer (but you might not be able to get to it)

Jackie fought hard but what saved her was a gun.  Without it, things would’ve turned out a lot worse for her.

Just the other day, in Canton, Texas, an armed robber broke into a home and was shot and killed by the homeowner.  This is the fourth time in recent memory, in Texas alone, where something like this has happened.

One was very similar to how Jackie’s story started.  A mother was getting ready to take her young children to school.  After repeatedly asking a stranger to leave her porch, she shot him multiple times.

What would have happened if she didn’t have a gun?

2. Size and strength really do matter

Without a gun, the main factor in an attack is size and strength.

No one would dispute that a 230 pound man has a physical advantage over a 130 pound woman, or even a 160 pound man.

Without a gun, that kind of size difference can be deadly.

3.  Size and strength can be negated… if you know a few simple techniques that don’t take years to learn (more on that below).

Size and strength matter, but they aren’t everything.  There were a couple of instances, before Jackie was tackled on her bed, where she could’ve neutralized her attacker with  a simple move.

We recently discussed one in another article here.

I remember one of my friends say, half jokingly, if he was confronted with some 275 pound thug, he’d ‘kick him in the shin and run away.’

There’s more truth to that than you know!

One Secret Self Defense Move That Will End ANY Attack Instantly… No Matter How Large Your Attacker

Jackie might have been able to use this move while still outside or quite possibly when her attacker entered her house.

In situations, like Jackie’s, you need to end the fight FAST – and end it permanently!

Okay, so we’re not exactly kicking him in the shin, but it’s close.

And believe it or not, the “ankle stomp” is actually one of the most devastating close-quarters combat tactics you can use – and yet it’s easy to pull off. You can do it without having to go through years of training.

Here’s how…

First, the secret to this move is a “hidden” pressure point on the human body called “Spleen 6” (Sp6)…

…it’s basically located about one hand’s width up from the ankle bone on the INSIDE of either leg.

Here’s a picture of the exact placement…

Pressur Point Self Defense Spleen 6To make this work, all you have to do is stomp “down and through” this point… HARD!

It really doesn’t take much force at all – but you want to give it all you can. We’re not talking about a grade school fight. This could be life or death. Make sure it only takes one time.

Stomp at roughly a 45 degree angle and pretend you’re going right through the bone and into the floor.

What’s that saying… the bigger they are the harder they fall?

This will make them fall pretty hard and it’s just one example of the mean and nasty street fight moves you should be using if you’re ever attacked and don’t have a weapon.

(If you don’t have a copy of my “Defeat Larger Attackers” DVD, I consider it an absolute must-have… so much so that I send it out for free to anyone who’s serious about protecting themselves “unarmed” against a bigger, stronger attacker. You just have to tell me where to send the free DVD and my team will get it out to you right away.)

Look… just because some guy is bigger and stronger than you doesn’t mean you can’t defeat him!

All it takes are a few of these moves in your arsenal and you’ll be amazed at how much confidence it gives you.

What’s Your Favorite “Street Move” For Self-Defense?
Please Share Your Training Tips Below Now…


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