Home Remedies For Survival: Lady Saves Her Life With Insane "Fake" Tip

Home Remedies For Survival: Lady Saves Her Life With Insane “Fake” Tip

Picture going to visit a friend, who turns out not to be home…

…And something that can KILL you immediately attacks you.

That’s what happened to a Canadian woman who is deathly allergic to bees.

With no EpiPen in sight, she could easily have died of anaphylactic shock.

But fortunately, there was an “old school survivalist” way to save her life – that anybody watching would have thought was INSANE!

The Insane Way 1 Woman Saved Herself From Dying From Anaphylactic Shock

Best Survival Home Remedies
Best Survival Home Remedies

It happened a few years ago in Richmond, British Columbia.

Bonita Lynn Nichols went to visit a friend…

…and when she got there, she was stung not just once, but three times.

Bonita Lynn NicholsHer leg started to stiffen.

Dizziness began to set in.

Struggling to breathe, knowing she did not have long before the allergic reaction choked her to death, she stumbled to a nearby convenience store.

Once there, she didn’t ask for an EpiPen.

She didn’t have time to wait for an ambulance.

“No,” she said, “get an onion.”

Wait, what?

Bonita Lynn Nichols, you see, knew an old-school survival “home remedy,” a cure from a time before people knew they could just dial 911 when they had a medical problem.

She said she couldn’t afford EpiPens on her disability support payments – and onions are one of the home remedies some people swear by for treating bee stings!

The convenience store employees cut up onions and squeezed the onion juice onto the stings on her leg, which Bonita Lynn Nichols credits with saving her life.

(The authorities, of course, said they don’t recommend relying on onions for anaphylactic shock, but Bonita says she is living proof this “fake” tip works.)

If you were in that situation – or if a family member were having an allergic reaction and you had no other option – would you have known, before now, to try using an onion?

I wouldn’t have.

Or rather, I wouldn’t have if I had not studied up on home survival remedies, especially after the last six months of crushing pandemic in the United States.

See, during a pandemic is NOT the time to go to a hospital.

That’s where the sick people are!

And if the medical facilities are overwhelmed because of something like COVID-19, even if you do go there for help, there’s no telling whether you’ll get any!

That means that now, more than ever, knowing these old-school home remedies for survival could save your life…

…and the lives of the people you love.

You can learn more about home survival remedies here.

Just don’t say to yourself, “That can’t happen to me.”

It absolutely can, and if “real” medical help isn’t available to you – or you’re afraid to go where the sick people happen to be – you’ll need this knowledge.

Do You Have Any “Alternative” Survival Remedies?

Please Share Your Tips Below Now…

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