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How Close Are We To Nuclear Disaster? (Too Close.) And Mother Nature Wants To Help…

In the United States, it’s easy to forget how close we are to a nuclear disaster.

All the incidents we’ve heard reported are from so far away – some of them in countries where they can barely keep the lights on.

That sort of catastrophe couldn’t happen here . . . could it?

Unfortunately, we’re a lot closer to nuclear disaster than most realize.

Did you realize that almost half our nuclear facilities are located along an earthquake fault line? 

FEMA knows it.

That’s why the news broke out that FEMA was contacting survival food companies to prepare for a nuclear emergency.

The gov’t already realizes that…

…A Nuclear Disaster Isn’t Just “Possible” –
It’s Most Likely INEVITABLE!


If they’re taking steps to bail out the unprepared U.S. citizens, shouldn’t you be preparing to protect yourself against damage from fallout?

Nuclear fallout puts you at an increased risk for thyroid and bone cancer, not to mention radiation sickness, tumors, and other health problems.

Medical care for fallout exposure is near-impossible to get immediately after a disaster, since hospitals are overwhelmed with new patients.

Thankfully, the Japanese have been there before us, and they’ve picked up some tricks that you can use to defend your body against radiation and avoid these diseases.

One of the best I’ve seen is pine needle tea.

What’s Pine Needle Tea?

It’s exactly what it sounds like: green pine needles (from a White Pine tree) brewed into tea.

What’s more important is what it can do for you…

To protect your tissues against radiation exposure, you need to load up on vitamin C. 

Studies have shown vitamin C has a protective effect against tissue oxidation in radiology technicians, who are exposed to radiation on the job.

Pine needles contain extremely high levels of vitamin C – up to five times more than a lemon!

What’s more, pine trees are readily available without going to the grocery store.

While everyone else is emptying the aisles of vitamin C supplements and citrus fruits, you’ll be in the woods getting a better source of vitamin C for free.

(Side benefit: pine needle tea is refreshing and works well as a decongestant. Less important than protecting you from nuclear fallout complications, but still good.)

How to Make Pine Needle Tea… 
• To make it, bring 1 cup of water to boil in a pot or kettle.

• Clean a large handful of pine needles (just rinse them off with clean water), and put them in a mug.

• Pour the hot water into the cup and stir until the pine needles are leeched of color.

• Pull out the pine needles with a fork, add sweetener or some extra vitamin C in lemon form, and enjoy.

Note: You can create a stronger brew by chopping the needles, simmering them in a pan of water for 20 minutes (no longer or you’ll lose vitamin C), and letting it steep for at least another half-hour. Overnight is even better.

It’s a simple tip. It’s a simple recipe. And it could save your life.

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