How The Dark Side Of The Force Can Help You Survive An Injury

How The Dark Side Of The Force Can Help You Survive An Injury

I was reading an article in Recoil magazine recently, by Dr. Bones from our instructor network, all about “hemostatic agents.”

These are ways to stop bleeding in an emergency.

Especially during a bugout or a collapse, you’ve got to be your own medic, because “real” medical care is going to be hard to get.

(Remember how none of us wanted to go to the hospital during the start of the 2020 pandemic?)

But when it comes to wounds that are bleeding — and that could cause you to bleed out — you HAVE to know how to stop them.

Dr. Bones’ article was really cool, and covered things like cayenne pepper and tea to help coagulate and clot blood.

Even some antiperspirants can have a hemostatic effect, because the aluminum chloride in some deodorants helps to slow bleeding.

But without a doubt, the tool that can do the most to save your life when you’re in danger of bleeding out is a tourniquet.

And the thing about tourniquets is… almost nobody practices with them!

The time to figure out how to use a tourniquet is not when you or your buddy are oozing blood from a deep cut.

That’s where that Star Wars rule comes into play.

You know, the “rule of two” that the Sith bad guys in Star Wars have?

If you’re a scifi nerd, you already know: The idea is that there should always be TWO villains, a master and an apprentice, for… reasons, I guess.

And that “rule of two” applies when it comes to ANY medical gear you buy.

I’m not just talking about the old, “Two is one and one is none” rule of having backups.

I’m saying that whenever you buy any one piece of medical gear, you instead buy TWO, and PRAC TICE with one of them so you know EXACTLY how it works.

Especially when it comes to working with tourniquets, this could really save your life.

Because if all the tourniquets in your survival gear are still brand new in the package… that’s a problem.

(This is the part where I end this post with a quote from Star Wars, like, “I find your lack of faith disturbing.”)

So keep that “rule of two” in mind when it comes to medical gear, especially… and always, always, always practice so you know how to use this life-saving equipment you have on hand!

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