MCS Podcast 006: Building Survival Teams With Charley Hogwood

MCS Podcast 006: Building Survival Teams With Charley Hogwood

How To Build A Survival Team

Who will be there to help you when the lights go out?

There’s strength in numbers and when you’re facing a wide-scale collapse, you’re in much better shape to survive if you don’t try to go it alone and have others to band with you as a team.

But who should be on your “survival team” and what skills should they have?

Charley Hogwood has the answers!

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Here’s what you’ll discover in this survival podcast…

  • Why going “Rambo” isn’t a good survival strategy when the world is crumbling around you.
  • The #1 infrastructure role most people take for granted… and how to fill this critical gap!
  • Exactly what skill sets you should seek out to ensure your family’s future survival!
  • Armed defense! How to protect your team from violence and chaos!
  • What “garage sales” have to do with a collapse – and the best person to do your survival shopping!

Good stuff! Don’t miss it!

What’s YOUR Best Skill Set You Would Bring To A Survival Team?

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