MCS 154: The "Non-Prepper Spouse" Survival Guide

MCS 154: The “Non-Prepper Spouse” Survival Guide


I know from all the emails we get and the surveys we’ve run that this is a question LOTS of patriots and preppers have…

“How do I turn my spouse into a fellow prepper or protector, easing the burden on BOTH of us?”

Trust me… I can empathize!

If you’re like me, you may have some gear you want… some training you’d like to attend… or you’ve just plain tried to get your significant other “on board” with taking more interest in their own protection…

… and maybe you haven’t been too successful accomplishing any of this, eh?

Well, that’s why, for this week’s podcast, I asked “prepper spouse & mom extraordinaire”, Nila Rhoades, for her personal advice on how to “convert” our loved ones over to our path of self-reliance…

Converting Your Non-Prepper Spouse To The Cause

Survival Prepping Couple

Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • How to royally screw up your chances of EVER getting your spouse on “your side” of the prepper path! (Avoid these mistakes like the plague!)
  • Convincing the “nothing bad ever happens” spouse that the world isn’t all rainbows and puppy dogs!
  • How to overcome the “why are you spending all that money on worthless survival gear?” argument!
  • Defeating procrastination… by establishing a “time is now” sense of urgency with you significant other!
  • When all else fails at convincing your spouse to prepare… take *these* steps!

This is such an issue for many survivalists that it almost calls for our own Support Group.

So be sure to leave a comment on our blog about your challenges (and successes!) with becoming a “prepping pair” with your partner!

Ok, It’s Time To Help Your Fellow Frustrated & Misunderstood Survivalists (Or GET Help!)…

Please Share Your Personal Challenges Or Best Tips To Convince A Non-Prepper Spouse Below Now…

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