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Photo Evidence The U.S. Government Can Track Your Every Move (And A “Secret Key” To Help Defeat Them)

First off, this ISN’T about “politics”

Frankly, it doesn’t matter who’s in the big chair at the White House when it comes to the advancement of new ways Big Brother can keep track of you, your personal information, your purchases, and now, something even more sinister has revealed itself.

In fact, having a previous career in several sectors of the security industry and in working with DHS on counterterrorism initiatives, I’ve warned you about this before.

But now there’s even more proof, and…

This Image Of The Jan 6 Capital Riot Should Scare The Bejeesus Out Of Anyone Who Values Their Personal Privacy And Freedoms…

Government Tracking Of Capital Mob Riot

Yes, this picture shows just how easy it is for the U.S. government to track each person in the mob individually  through their phones, the entire time they were in Washington.

This information has been used to haul in every last rioter as they were hunted down for questioning.

And they’re not the only ones who are being “hunted”…

YOU, my fellow Warrior, are being tracked right now and your personal information is being shared on the “dark web”.

Make no mistake, your personal movement and information CAN (and WILL) be used against you in so many ways, it keeps some people up at night, waiting for the shoe to drop and discover in the morning that their personal information has been breached… their computer hacked… or even their bank account emptied!

Fortunately, I have a “secret disable key” you can use right now that will protect you.

But you have to use it NOW, before any more of your data gets shared with the wrong people.

How To Stop The Government From Tracking Your Movement Via Your Smart Phone…

You see, every “smart phone” comes already implanted with a “tracking ID” that’s specific to you and everything you do.

Some of it, you already know, like what you shop for, what articles you like, what Facebook ads you click on, etc.

But there are also deeper identifiers that are secretly being tracked without your knowledge… INCLUDING where you travel every single step of your day.

This includes every intimate detail of your whereabouts: gun stores, strip clubs, shooting ranges, fraternity meetings, coffee with a friend who may unknowingly be on a “watch list”.

You get it, right?

Each one of these locations is a “ping” on the government’s radar that – at will – could be used to pin you to something that you may not even know about.

And with a renewed focus on “domestic terrorism” and the government’s own records that cite WHO could be considered an “enemy of the state” – specifically:

  • Believing in the 2nd Amendment
  • Storing away “survival food”
  • Buying more than 2 guns
  • Purchasing “excessive” amounts of ammo
  • Even comments you make on Facebook!

Sound like anyone you know?

Yup, me too!

Look, it’s more important than ever to safeguard your personal privacy – for your own protection.

And while I do love my smartphone for all the cool stuff it allows me to do, it can also be your worst enemy when it comes to government snooping (during a very dangerous time).

Here’s A “Secret Key” To Disable Your Smart Phone’s Tracking Device…

On an iPhone…

  1. Go to “Settings”
  2. Tap “Privacy”
  3. Select “Tracking”
  4. Disable the option that says “Allow Apps to Request to Track”

On an Android…

  1. Go to “Settings”
  2. Tap “Google”
  3. Select “Manage your Google Account”
  4. Select the “Data & personalization” tab from the account dashboard
  5. Scroll down till you find Activity Controls. Here you’ll find the two options that need to be disabled. Just toggle both to the “Off” position.

Your Next Step To Take Your Personal Information “Off The Radar”…

Of course these aren’t the ONLY steps you need to take for “complete protection”.

But your most critical first step in protecting yourself and your personal data is to “think” differently about what your information, your online activity, and now even your movement throughout the day, may “say” about you.

Yes, it requires a smidgen of paranoia… but in a “good” way – a “prepared” way that reflects your knowledge others don’t have (or care about) when it comes to the consequences of letting the government get too close to your personal life.

You see, there are all kinds of sneaky tricks the government (and slimy marketers) are using to track you and use your information without you knowing it.

If you’re as protective of your personal information as I am, you have to take these steps NOW because you and I both know that the government will stop at nothing to invade our private lives for their own benefit.

You’ve been warned (again).

What Other Steps Are You Taking To Protect Your Personal Information?

Please Feel Free To Leave Your Tips Below Now…

Note: Please do not share any political comments or opinions about Presidents or those present at the US Capital during the Jan. 6 riot. Warrior Life is (tries to be) an a-political brand that believes all citizens have a right to freedom, self-protection and self-reliance – regardless of any personal beliefs and preferences.

  • I would advice folks to get a microphone lock on their phone and PC.

    Please do not take me off your contact list. I accidentally clicked on the wrong link. lol

  • Put your phone in a faraday bag. Or leave your phone at home sometimes

    • I’ve found that with even the better Faraday bags, I need to double-up my phone to keep it from receiving/sending a signal. Put it in a “phone-size” bag, ziplock it, then out that in a slightly larger bag and zip that one closed. Only then will it not ring or accept texts.

      • * then put that…

        Darn auto(in)correct…

  • This might be a “DUH” comment, but,,,,, at my age, I grew up NOT having a phone attached to my hand or hip. I had to actively look to use one if I were to venture out into the wilds of civilization.
    Even today, while I do have a cell phone, if I end up leaving the house without it, I don’t get in panic mode and go scurrying back to get it. I seem to be able to survive the wilds of America for the better part of a day without it.
    This may sound extreme, but perhaps, just as some of us do test drills of having no power for a weekend or similar, one might just pretend they don’t have their phone with them for a whole, long, day? I know, a scary thought, right? Well, the brave among us could see how survivable a day could be,,,,,,,,, (please pardon the rambling rantings of an old fart (-; )

  • Keep phone in faraday bag when not in use or traveling, even just to the store.

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