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MCS Podcast 118: Escape A Burning Car!


Ok, so you have your gas mask hanging near the front door of your subterranean survival bunker…

… you have more MRE’s stockpiled than the National Guard…

… and your entire family has been drilled on your zombie apocalypse response plan.

But short of a TEOTWAWKI event, are you prepared for the everyday tragic scenarios that kill real people every day?

Take a car crash for example…

Do you set yourself up for survival every time you get in your vehicle to head off to work (or the grocery store)?

If you found yourself upside-down with flames pouring out of your engine compartment, would you be able to escape in a matter of seconds when your door is crushed in and you’re all tangled in a seatbelt?

Would you be able to save your spouse, child or grandchild trapped with you?

You will after this week’s broadcast…


How To Escape A Burning Car Crash

Here’s what you’ll discover in this episode…

  • A common mistake nearly every “working stiff” makes when getting in their car that can cause instant unconsciousness in even a small car crash.
  • The #1 most important “crash rule” for staying awake, aware, and evac-ready! (This is actually the OPPOSITE of what most people do when they see a crash coming.)
  • Why your pocket knife (and even those fancy “glass breakers”) could fail you when you only have seconds to escape a burning car!
  • The tiny “evac gizmo” every family member should own to be prepared for a worst-case car crash! (Yes, even your kids need this – and I’ll explain why.)

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that are the most dangerous.

The mark of a true survivor is what happens in those first few seconds… especially when that’s all you may have to live!

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

 What’s In YOUR Vehicle’s Survival Gear Kit?

Share What You Carry (And What For) In The Comments Below Now…

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