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Three Steps To Keep Your AR-15 “Hidden”

If you’re like me, you don’t think it’s ANYONE’S business what guns you own.

Well, as you already know, the only way to keep a secret is… DON’T TELL ANYONE.

That’s why, if you want a “military style” semi-automatic rifle for home defense, and you don’t want that rifle showing up on some government bureaucrat’s list of banned items to be confiscated, the way to prevent that from happening is never to have the gun on Big Brother’s list in the first place.

Makes sense, right? Well…

Here Are 3 Steps To Keep Your AR-15 “Off The Grid”…


Step 1: Don’t Make Your First Stop The Gun Shop

When most people are looking to buy a defense rifle, they typically head straight down to your local gun shop.

Not only is this going to be the most expensive option, but the bottom line for anyone concerned about their privacy is you absolutely MUST fill out a background check form when you buy a gun at gun shops.

You’re practically giving the government an open invitation to disarm you when they see fit by handing over all your personal info like that.

Step 2: Look Local & “Private” (Maybe)

Maybe you’ve thought about buying an AR-15 from a buddy or someone in your state (what they call a “private sale”).

In some states this isn’t even an option (for states like Maryland and New York for example) but in other, more “pro gun” states, it’s still an option.

But it’s only a matter of time before it’s not.

And if your buddy’s gun is on a list and they come knocking on his door looking for it, what do you figure he’s going to say?

We don’t like to think our friends and neighbors will rat us out, but when their backs are against the wall with government agents breathing down their neck, the lines of “friendship” get pretty thin, ya know?

Step 3: Build Your Own AR-15 From Scratch

The best option to truly have a “covert” AR-15 is to build it yourself.

As it turns out, it’s not that hard and I’m in the beginning stages of this now using this instruction manual and “how-to” videos…

Think of it as “an erector set for adults”.

The “catch” is that you have to use some good old fashioned American hard-work … and there’s a little more drilling and do-it-yourself work that has to be done before you can assemble a working rifle.

But it’s not as hard as you may think and the hard work is actually done for you.

I have a friend who just completed his and it’s inspired me to finally get serious about it.

You can see the plans for yourself here…

What Are Some Other Ways To
Keep Your Firearms “Off The Grid”?

Please Share Your Best Tips Below…

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