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The Government Is Watching You. Here Are 3 Simple Tips To Live “Under The Radar”…

I found this statistic to be pretty shocking…

Did you realize that you can currently be found in approximately 200 different databases?

And that there are more than 30 million surveillance cameras in the US? 

That’s one camera for every ten Americans… and there are more cameras every day.

Add to that the advancements in facial recognition technology and you can see why so many patriots are becoming more and more concerned about living life “under the radar” and avoiding the increasing rate of government surveillance infringing in our lives.

Here Are 3 Tips To Reduce Your Trackable Fingerprint And Throw Government Spies & Digital Criminals Off Your Trail…


1. Break your normal patterns (like how you get to work, where you shop, how you dress, etc).  

Even “disguise” yourself simply by having a few different hats and wearing sunglasses to be less identifiable.

It’s not that you’re trying to necessarily lose some black-ops assassin hot on your tail…

…it’s about training yourself to avoid predictable patterns that we all fall into which will drastically shield you from all sorts of crimes you may not even see coming.

2. Turn off your phone’s “location finder” that allows your whereabouts to be more easily traced.

Leaked reports reveal that the government is paying close attention to the activities of those it feels are “persons of interest”.

Namely, gun owners, 2nd Amendment supporers, military, and anyone who’s concerned about an over-reaching government.

Turn off your phone’s “location finder” when traveling to locations such as gun shows, the range, or any political events or rallies.

3. Use cash “selectively”.

Some stores (like Starbucks) have been warned about “suspicious persons” who may use cash a lot, and asking them to report these persons because they might be “domestic terrorists”.

I know it sounds crazy, but it’s absolutely true.

Use credit or a gift card at stores like Starbucks to “blend in” with the other customers.

However, for purchases that you don’t want to display a “trend” on your credit card records (I’m talking about things like ammunition), use cash and buy in smaller quantities.

There’s a LOT more to knowing how to live a lifestyle “under the radar”…

It’s not about being “paranoid” and you don’t have to go completely underground like some secret agent.

It’s a matter of being “less tracked” than the other people who don’t follow these simple tips and are more of a target.

Find out how to preserve your privacy and freedom in “Police State, USA” here…

Change just a few habits and you can virtually disappear from government spies and others.

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