I Want The Best Survival Kit / Bugout Bag Story You Have!

I Want YOUR Bugout Bag Story!

Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson, Editor

If you’re like a lot of people reading this, you have a bugout bag – or even just some supplies that you eventually intend to put into a bugout bag.

Well, I’d like to know something.

Have you ever used those supplies, or that bag – or just thought you MIGHT have to?

See, I’m asking, because…

Best Survival Kit / Best Bugout Bag Story

I’m interested in the bugout bag stories our readers might have.

  • Have you had to REALLY use your BOB in an emergency?
  • Have you used your stored survival gear or food in some kind of potential crisis?
  • Were you in a situation that you thought you might need those supplies… that turned out to be a false alarm?

You don’t have to have spent a few hours sitting on your roof during a flood, a riot, or a wildfire.

Maybe you just decided to evacuate your home to avoid an emergency – justified or not.

I’m interested in what I can learn from your bugout bag experience – and I just might want to interview you about it.

I’ve set up a contact form on this page of my website.

All you have to do is go there, tell me your bugout bag story, enter your contact information, and submit it privately.

We get so much mail from things like this that I can’t respond to everybody individually, but if your story sounds like something I’d like to learn more about, I just might use that contact information to reach out to you to interview you.

(Don’t worry – I won’t use the information you put into that form for anything else.)

So, do you have a bugout bag experience that you’d like other people to know about?

Click this link and fill out the form to share your story with me!

Do YOU Have A Bugout Bag Story To Share?

Please Use The Form And Add Your Additional Comments Below…

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