An "Impossible" Wilderness Survival Fire-Starting Trick In Pouring Rain (That Works!)

An “Impossible” Wilderness Survival Fire-Starting Trick In Pouring Rain (That Works!)

This is one of the coolest survival tricks I’ve ever seen…

A friend of mine, Tony Nester, runs survival classes and he once told me that above all, the hardest skill for students to learn is how to start a fire in bad weather.

Even if you have a lighter, rain and wind can ruin any attempt at a fire and leave you cold and wet with no relief – so he developed this…

Cool Wilderness Survival Fire-Starting Hack For “Impossible” Weather Conditions…

Wilderness Survival Fire-Starting Tip
Wilderness Survival Tip: How To Start A Fire In The Pouring Rain

Ok, here’s what you do…

  • Buy yourself a bicycle tire inner tube (you can get one super cheap at any department store).
  • Cut it into about a 2-inch “rubber band” and wrap it around something you carry all the time (I wrap it around my SOG multi-tool sheath, but you could use a knife sheath if you have one).
  • If you need to start a fire, just pull it off and this one strip of thin rubber will actually burn for about 5 minutes, giving your fire a fighting chance to ignite and start a blaze.

Now one drawback is, it won’t ignite with flint and steel and especially when it’s pouring down rain (and trust me, Murphy’s Law will make sure the time you need a fire most is when it will be the absolute worst conditions!).

That’s why I always have some of those “magic survival matches” in my car’s glove box and even a few in my everyday carry kit for emergencies, they’re usually only about 10 bucks on Amazon and may very well save my life one day.

There are so many life or death situations that can be turned around just by having a fire available: boiling water to drink, providing warmth in extreme cold,  cooking food, sterilizing bandages, and even making a smoke signal if you need to be rescued.

What’s YOUR Best Way To Start A Fire When Facing A Wilderness Survival Scenario In Bad Weather?

Please Leave Your Best Fire Starting Tips Below Now…

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