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When ISIS Launches A Terror Attack In The U.S., Do This. . .

Another attack!

This time in Germany where another radical terrorist slammed through a crowd of men, women and children.

These continued attacks on innocent families in the name of religion should be yet another giant wake-up call to the world.

But are YOU even awake?

Look, these guys are NOT like anyone else we’ve had to face before and they’ve made their intentions quite clear… DEATH to all infidels!

Not just the Germans… or the French… They mean “you” and “me” – and they’re not going to stop.

The Days Of Looking Over Our Shoulder
For “The Next Attack” Are NOT Over!

Counterterrorism Training For When Isis Attacks The U.S.

Look, terrorists are known for their patience and planning.

Typically, there is a 7-year planning period between major attacks… but ISIS isn’t your average terror group and they’re on the fast track to ridding the world of “infidels” like you and me.

If you remember, it was only a few years ago that they were taunting the United States by doing drive-by photo bombs of the White House and other potential domestic targets in a sort of “it’s only a matter of time” message.

Are YOU Prepared For A Terrorist Attack?

Here are 4 life-saving tips for an active shooter ambush/terror attack…

1. Know their targets

As devastating as 9/11 was for our country, it’s actually NOT the best target for a terrorist.

Oh sure… blow up a prominent skyscraper and people stop going into giant skyscrapers.  No big deal.

But start shooting up the food court of 5 shopping malls at the same time and you strike fear into every single citizen in America and shut down an entire economy.

(BTW… I did 6 years in a nationwide “counterterrorism consulting” cell for shopping malls.  The terrorists already know this fact.)

Does that mean you should NOT go out shopping?

Well, up to you… but I like shopping by Amazon and other online stores myself.

And when I do go out (because I’m not about letting the bastards keep me from doing what I want), I follow the philosophy of…

2.  ALWAYS be armed.

For God’s sake, haven’t we yet learned that (almost) the ONLY way to stop a terrorist (or movie theater shooter) is with a gun?

You can’t talk a terrorist out of dying for his cause and you don’t want to chance running up on him to tackle him (while triggering whatever bomb he’s carrying).

He WANTS to die.  So do him a favor and send him off to his virgins.

Get your concealed carry license… get the training… and wear it (every damn day!)

You and me are the “sheepdogs” of society that people need to have out there protecting the flock.

3.  Shoot low or “get low”!

(Ok, I have to throw in a true “tactic” in here…)

Whether it’s a terrorist or a depressed “shooter” in a movie theater who can’t get a date, we’ve seen that these guys come in strapped!

Assume that your target will probably either be wearing a bomb or a bulletproof vest.

Aim for the pelvic area first.

There’s lots of bone there to shatter and will take away their structure and mobility while you follow up.

The other option is to crouch low and aim at the head if you have the shot.

The head is a hard target to hit in the adrenalized state of an attack and if you miss, you could hit a bystander.

By crouching low and aiming at an upward angle, you minimize your exposure while buffering your backstop.

4.  Prepare your gear for an “instant attack”

Part of being a true “protector” and survivalist isn’t only being ready when the weatherman says a storm is coming.

It’s about being prepared for the “instant attack” – the tornado… the flash mob… the terrorist attack… the active shooter.

I personally carry 27 pieces of “everyday carry” survival gear with me at all times (and that’s not including my SCRAM day-pack).

Thing is, you’d never guess that I’m carrying because you don’t see it.

But it’s always there.  Ready for anything. (Including “escape & evasion” gear for riots, shootings, etc.)

Think about the items YOU need to face an instant crisis (beyond your gun) and expand your EDC gear (or just copy any of the 27 gizmos I personally carry here…)

Look, I’m not saying live your life “afraid”.

But the threat is real.

So is your need to prepare.

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