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Riot Survival Tips: 3 Ways To Establish Your Own “13 Hours” Escape Plan!

If you think the movie “13 Hours” doesn’t apply to you, think again…

Violent uprisings or flash mob attacks like the Benghazi attacks can take place without any warning whatsoever… as many Americans have now learned.

In fact, we’ve seen violent protests turn multiple public events into bloodbaths over the last few years.

When extremists on both sides clash looking to get their street violence on… innocent people can easily be caught in the middle.

If you’re trapped, you most likely don’t have half a dozen “badass operators” coming to rescue you… so I caught up with my friend, Kris Paronto, and asked him for some of his best “riot survival tips” from his terrifying ordeal during the Benghazi attacks.

3 Riot Survival Tips To Establish Your Own “13 Hours” Escape Plan For Flash Mob Violence!

13 Hours Riot Escape Plan Based on the 2012 Riot in Benghazi, Libyra
Your “13 Hours” Riot Escape Plan!

What can you, as a civilian, do to establish a riot escape plan strategy ahead of time… and avoid getting trapped in the violence when it all goes to hell?

Well… there are three basic essentials you can start doing right now that will prepare you for the event that you find yourself caught in a riot… whether it’s on a trip abroad or right here at home in the United States.

Riot Survival Tip #1: Do Some Basic “Recon”

It only takes a few minutes… but it can save your life! 

If you’re in an area or you’re going to an area that you’re unfamiliar with… study up a little bit.

I’m not saying that you’ve got to sit down and do a full map reconnaissance… like setting up little sand tables and army men like they do in Ranger school.

What I’m saying is that you should get a feel for the main roads going in and out… where the alternative routes into and out of the area are… and other basic escape and evac routes.

Nine times out of ten when there is going to be a mob protest, they’re coming from one direction, which leaves other routes clear.

Know the main escape routes out of an area and you’ll have a number of options at the ready if one of them is blocked off.

Riot Survival Tip #2: Pay Attention To Your Surroundings

It’s some of the most basic and important advice for any aspect of life…

…pay attention!

If you have “situational awareness” (a fancy term meaning that you’re paying attention) you’ll quickly notice when things are… well… a little “off.”

People will move oddly.

Adrenaline starts pumping.

The pace of things picks up around you and people move more quickly.

When you get that feeling, don’t be a tough guy.

One against 50, I don’t care how bad ass you are, you’re going to lose… which brings me to my last tip!

Riot Survival Tip #3: Just LEAVE!

Once you identify a potential riot or flash mob shaping up, there’s only ONE course of action to take…


Listen, you’re not Batman… and honestly I wouldn’t like his odds against an unhinged mob of rioters.

You might be able to take two, or even three guys… but six? Twenty? Fifty?

No way.

When you decide it’s time to leave, don’t make a big production of things.

If you run like your rear end’s on fire, you’ll start a panic and set off the mob, becoming a target.

If you are calm, cool, and collected, and you just acknowledge that it’s time to go, then you’ll get in your vehicle or get on your feet and get out of there.

Leaving means you’re not a target.

Paying attention, and knowing when and how to leave, is the least you need to know about establishing an escape plan for flash mob violence.

What Other Riot Survival Tips Can Help People Escape During Civil Unrest & Flash Mob Violence?

Please Share Your Best Riot Survival Tips Below Now…

  • AngieWhite says:

    Could you do an article looking more in depth at the signs that trouble is about to break out? Situational awareness in those specific circumstances, what the tell-tale signs are exactly to look for? That would be awesome!

    • Avatar photo Jeff Anderson says:

      Sure AngieWhite! I’m pretty sure we have some other posts about this, but it’s also something I look at in our “mob defense” fast-class and I’ll look to consolidate some of this info.

  • Thank you for this article Jeff and for continually educating us so that we can keep ourselves and others safe. Your efforts are much appreciated!

    • Avatar photo Jeff Anderson says:

      All my pleasure Jody! These are trying times, for sure and it’s so important to get this information out so people can start preparing for the worst.

  • This is the type of valuable information that regular Americans need to know to survive – when needed in the future. More article like this will only prepare us for when the SHTF.

    • Avatar photo Jeff Anderson says:

      “Prior planning”, eh Chuck?! Right there with you man! 🙂

  • All true and always have your bug out bag in your vehicle.

    • Avatar photo Jeff Anderson says:

      Amen Chris! I also suggest a “bail bag” like we had set up in the military. It’s one of the things Kris and I talked about as well and I really put a lot of focus on this.

  • Be aware of facial recognition cameras.
    Wear a dark hat & sunglasses.
    Don’t have flashy clothes or flashy backpack.

    • Good general advice where ever and where ever you go any time.

  • I have 3 BOBs. One has medical/first aid supplies. I also put some in the other BOBs in case that one gets lost/stolen. The next one has food items. Some that last 25 years. I have at least 72 hours worth of food for my wife and me. The last one has weapons. From knives, guns and stun guns. Also has ammo for the weapons you have. I have pistols, a revolver for my wife ( she deemed it the most comfortable for her and with the integrated laser she is a spot on shooter) and an AR-15 as well as a .308 Springfield M1A1. Good for hunting game as well as adversaries. Finally a 12 gauge shotgun. All have slings. And additional ammo in built in compartments on the weapon. Will be putting in the most important item, the Bible. It has the answer for any situation as well as keeping you close to my Lord and Savior who is always ready to help/advise you in any situation.

    • It is surprising to me how few people voted for this option.

  • Bryan L Schafer says:

    Don’t go to ‘WATCH AND GET A CLOSER LOOK”. Watch on t.v. and track what’s happening. Don’t become a ‘Story Line”,

  • Joseph Bons says:

    I’m a retired “grunt” how do I use my skillset to deal with a problem like these?

    • Bob Howard says:

      Joseph, 1 against 50 aren’t good odds! This workshop is focusing on avoidance so as not to become a statistic, Brother! I am a vet, too!

    • If you are vastly outnumbered and you don’t have grenades and claymores then it is time to slip out the back Jack.

  • I have already updated my maps for the western states (I live in So Cal) and am adding terrain maps as well. Looking forward to this class.

  • If caught in the mob, fake being part of the mob. Work you way to the edge and git!

  • Bill Bolger says:

    My EDC bag is with me damn near every time I leave the house. It contains everything I could possibly think of to keep me safe for those “time to go events “ My vehicle is packed to the gills with equipment for extended travel
    Several BOBs are also in the vehicle if my family and I have to hoof it after the fact

    Military, Law Enforcement and other training under my belt keeps me aware of what’s going on around me so I can get out of Dodge before things get out of hand

    Knowledge and common sense thinking will keep U alive if you have it and use it

    Remaining Calm Cool and Collected under pressure is key as well

  • I would say, “Inform your group”. This way you can execute your plans without looking lost, confused or in panic. And make sure everyone knows to move when you do, to be low key and ready to run.

    I think you should have a quick briefing with your family or group to explain the problem and what the plan or mission is and how to execute your escape without drawing attention. If anyone asks any questions or confronts your group, friendly or not, you should have an answer or response. And no fumbling with money or wandering off or running to the bathroom. Even if you’re on a vacation visiting family, people need to understand this is an escape or evacuation and you are running away from danger.

    I also agree with others to be prepared with an emergency kit. Supplement EDC items with a small kit, then have another kit or extra gear in a vehicle or have enough money to grab things on the fly.

    You can have a pouch on your belt or a fanny or waist pack. These can even be slung over your shoulder or around the body. The next level is a sling bag, should bag or small backpack. You’d be prepared and still look “normal” since these are bags/packs people carry all the time.

  • As soon as you even suspect “things” are going south you have only ONE alternative…………….get…………OUT OF THERE!!

  • Joseph Theis says:

    Just like above, situational awareness, gives you the head start you need for you and your family.

  • I see a lot of info on BOB’s but, I don’t recall mention of something I always pack. At least one change of clothes. Mine are to be less conspicuous, subdued – not a camoflage pattern (no ‘Hawaiian shirts” either). Don’t forget socks in a ziplock bag to ensure they remain dry.

  • Great advice from Jeff:
    Know your area & escape options,
    Pay attention & read the vibe,
    Quietly leave when its best.
    Hard to beat this, but previously mentioned advice to not draw attention is essential for blending in and not coming on anyone’s radar when bugging out or just surviving a “situation.” Dress as working class, no jewelry, nothing bright or eye catching and don’t look people in the eye. A rucksack is necessary for essentials. Keep it simple but as Jeff showed, an inconspicuous dark color is less eye catching. I used to roam a lot and navigated really bad unsafe areas many times by blending into the background and looking uninteresting but enough of a threat myself that non one would want to mess with me because of my mean vibe.
    During an actual riot you want to be anywhere but in the fray. If you can’t get out carefully, go with the flow and slowly work your way out. Then hide and keep a low profile. Things usually move fast and change direction or location, so hide or go towards the least active area. I’m no expert but real world experiences provide invaluable knowledge which you never forget even though you may want to. It comes down to thinking and planning so you make better decisions when the crunch comes and follow them thru — your life depends on it.

  • Charles M Abatsis says:

    If cornered with no escape possible what’s the best thing to do

  • Maurice Bell says:

    Great article!!! Regarding situational awareness, listen to your ‘gut’. It is never wrong. If something feels off, get moving!!!

  • Like Dave said-look like you belong there

  • Don’t be there. I’m too old to run or grapple. Other than work and church, we stay on the home field. But development is getting closer we may have to move further away.

  • WILLIAM'S SON says:

    My only transportation is a traditional pickup truck – any suggestions as to safely and securely storing a BOB in such a vehicle? I’m out of ideas.

    • Avatar photo Jeff Anderson says:

      Common issue for sure! If you have a lockable tool chest in the bed of the truck, that’s the best location.

      If not, you have a couple other options, depending on your vehicle…

      The most obvious is in the cab, between the back seat (or front seat if you only have that row) and the front of the bed liner. If you’re following an “ultralight” gear model like I do, it may be a tight fit, but it should stuff behind the seat pretty easy.

      If that’s still not an option, I worked with one client where they had a spare tire compartment under their truck bed that they put their XBOB into, and just put the tire in the back of their truck bed on a chain.

      This last one of course is going to expose your bugout bag and gear to the elements of the road, which can be pretty harsh. How well your BOB and gear deal with this is kinda up to the construction of the bag.

      Our XBOB uses a heavy denier, waterproof-infused fabric that keeps the inside gear dry (including in the pouches), but a lot of the bags out there are very thin and not waterproof, so you’d need an interior waterproof bag to protect your supplies in there.

      Also (and yes, I realize this probably goes without saying), I wouldn’t keep anything super valuable in the bag (like a firearm) and just keep anything you don’t want to take any chances with, in a smaller “bail bag” inside the cab of your truck.

      If you have one of our XBOBs and either our SCRAM Bag or STRAC Pack, both of these are designed to be used as a “bail bag” and have integration snaps so you can just connect them directly to the XBOB and haul booty.

      Hope this helps!

  • It is probably a good idea to put cell phones away in public. Those confronted with a situation are not likely to notice until it is upon them.

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