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MCS Podcast 53: L.A. Riots – Lessons In Social Chaos Survival

In 1992, when police officers  who beat Rodney King were cleared of wrong-doing, the Los Angeles area erupted in violence.

As chaos consumed the city, buildings burned, business were looted, and innocent passers-by were dragged from their vehicles and beaten mercilessly.

You’re about to hear the on-the-scene account from one police officer, Scott Reitz, who was trapped in the middle of the meltdown, fighting for his life.

His “no b.s.” lessons learned will help you prepare for any type of mob violence where the predators of our society are on the prowl, looking to prey on the weak.

Lessons From The LA Riots: How To Survive Social Chaos

LA Riots Social Chaos Survival Tips

Here’s what awaits you in this week’s episode…

  • What you can expect to see when you look out your window during time of civil unrest… and what you can expect from your local first-responders!  (Hint: It’s not the answer you want to hear!)
  • How your “mental focus” changes when faced with a “mob mentality”… and how to develop the proper “mind-set” you need to survive!
  • Driving into a mob! Listen to the mistakes one unaware truck driver made at a violent intersection… so you don’t make the same mistakes yourself!
  • Everyday Carry: Gear that can save your life when surrounded by a city in panic!
  • How to approach your firearms training to deal with “worst-case scenarios” like flash mobs… multiple attackers… an injured gun-hand… or any other real-world threat!

It’s rare to get this kind of a first-hand glimpse into an urban meltdown… and even more rare to get advice on how to learn from this kind of chaos so you can better prepare to protect yourself and those you love!

What Other “Social Chaos” Survival Strategies Should We Master?

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