Large Crowds Invite Terror Attacks. Follow These 3 Reader Survival Tips To Escape The Panic...

Large Crowds Invite Terror Attacks. Follow These 3 Reader Survival Tips To Escape The Panic…

While you were watching the Super Bowl last weekend, someone else was watching the fans…

Spread throughout the rafters and for blocks around the stadium, several snipers kept watch with rifles locked and loaded.

In addition, DHS had military Black Hawk helicopters circling the stadium to enforce a 10-mile “no-fly zone”… missle-packed F-16 jets were on standby… and armored BearCat vehicles were hidden from view, awaiting the command to swoop down on an attempted Boston Bombing-like attack.

In addition, new “spy technology” allowed officers to scan social media… watch more than 500 security cameras at once… and scan license plates.

Like I always say… if the government is prepping for an attack or collapse, shouldn’t you?

Here Are 3 “Counterterror” Attack Tips To
Protect Yourself At Crowded Events…

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Look, I’m not saying that I (totally) disapprove of all the added security measures.

I mean, the Boston Marathon bombing showed us that it’s not just the foreign extremists who want to send us all to Hell.

And that’s why we “prep” in the first place, right? To be ready for any threat… any time… anywhere.

In fact, we had nearly 5,000 fellow survivalists attend a special workshop to share their best survival tips for any type of a “collapse” or civil panic.

Here are a few they came up with that could you and your loved ones if you’re ever caught in a terrorist or other public attack…

Tip # 18 – How to save your life…from space!

A simple automobile GPS could be your best friend in an emergency. Either in your car or removed for hand-held operation, it can navigate you to the nearest hospital or police station for aid as well as show you the way out of a chaotic city

Adapted by submission from Jim in Ocala

Tip #131 – A new perspective on emergencies

Whenever possible, get “above” an emergency situation. The thing you use to gain altitude could be a tree, a roof access ladder, a fire escape, or other means of gaining altitude. Many people will simply forget to look UP in an emergency, which means they’ll pass right by you. Being up above the action means you have a better chance of spotting real trouble before it can get to you and more easily identify an escape route away from the chaos.

Submitted by Angelo, Eugene

Tip #134 – Low-tech survival training anyone can do

You may not think of running as survival training, but take it up now. If you can run a mile every day, you can put a mile between you and the emergency. This increases your chances of survival dramatically. Gradually building up the strength and endurance to run a mile every day will make you stronger and more fit and healthy overall, which also improves your chances.

Submitted by John, S.F., CA

All it takes is one single survival skill you’ve picked up from your research to mean the difference between life and death in a crisis or attack.

Always be on the lookout for life-saving survival tips and make it a habit to try to pick up just one single strategy each and every day.

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