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[Free Speech?] Leaked NSA Documents Show Best Way To Stay Anonymous

What did you Google last week?

You probably can’t remember.

  • You got curious about a news story on domestic terrorism and searched the topic to learn more.
  • Found what you were looking for, closed the tab, forgot all about it.
  • Maybe you bought some ammo last week. Or a book. Or a bug out bag.
  • Maybe you went to a gun show.
  • Maybe you attended a political rally.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, all of those little things you did were translated into data.

And somewhere in a three-letter agency, you got flagged.

You fit the profile. You’re a “person of interest.”

And they know where you live.

That’s why you need to know. . .

How To Stay Anonymous While The Government Tries To Invade Your Privacy

Leaked NSA Tips To Stay Anonymous
Leaked NSA Tips To Stay Anonymous

This isn’t paranoia.

This is a fact.

Every item you buy, every place you go, every topic you search is tracked online.

  • Got a smartphone? It tracks your location.
  • Use a digital wallet? It knows what you bought and where you bought it.

Companies collect that data to sell you more stuff.

Then they sell that data to the alphabet agencies, who use it to try to track down “enemies of the state.”

Now, I’m not telling you this because I want you to go live in the woods with a tinfoil hat on.

I’m telling you that you should take steps to protect your online data from getting collected, so that it can’t be used to profile you.

I’m going to show you how to do that – using the NSA’s own leaked internal documents.

In the NSA’s own words, using the following four services results in a “near-total loss/lack of insight to target communications, presence.”

  • Tor – a web browser that encrypts your web traffic
  • VPN – an encryption service that makes it hard to figure out who’s connecting to the internet and from where
  • CSpace – an anonymous chat service that encrypts files sent over its network
  • ZRTP – an encryption service for voice calls and text

We only have this information because someone ON THE NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISORY failed to protect their own information.

If they’re not protected, you know you’re not protected.

Those four services above are a good start, but if you want to be fully protected against hackers, snoopers, stalkers, and alphabet agencies, you’re going to need our special report: The Death of Freedom.

You already know your information is under attack.

Pick up the paper and see how many stories are out there: data breach, private passwords leaked, internal government documents revealed, hundreds of thousands of credit card users compromised …

You can’t afford to lose your identity, your freedom, or your right to protect yourself and your family.

Learn more by downloading The Death of Freedom here.

What Government Or Corporate Spying Worries You Most? What Steps Have You Taken To Protect Yourself?

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