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Long Term Gasoline Storage

Fuel is one of those things we all worry about, because for most of us there is only one place to get it: Out of the pump.  Once our tank goes dry, we have to hope the pump has fuel again, and we have to hope we can afford it.  I’m old enough to remember the gas shortages and gas lines of the 1970s. Every time a pigeon sneezes in the Middle East we all worry that something is going to go wrong with our fuel supply. 

It makes sense, therefore, to store fuel for emergencies.  But how do you do that without blowing yourself up or burning your place to the ground? You can’t even haul gas around in your car because the fumes will get to you. This is dangerous stuff and it is also governed by plenty of legal storage requirements.  So what to do to store fuel?  The Knife News magazine has some ideas about this.

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