Looter Defense Planning: The ONLY Way To Stop A Hungry Mob!

Looter Defense Planning: The 1 (And ONLY!) Way To Defeat A Hungry Mob…

Last week, survival expert, Jonathan Hollerman and I spent over 2 hours with our New World Patriot members, showing them the exact steps to take to survive a grid-down blackout collapse.

Sure, we covered things like have a flashlight handy… use the food in the fridge first… make sure you have water stocked up… things like that.

But the scariest part of a true, long-term collapse ISN’T the threat of running out of food and water.  That’s the easy part.

What you truly need to be afraid of is when OTHER people run out of food and water!

When food supply is shut off because all transportation is shut down (it will be) and food production comes to a stand-still (it does), your fellow citizens will grow more and more desperate and resort to doing absolutely ANYTHING to feed themselves and their starving families.

 Is Planning A “Looter Defense Squad” The Best Way To Defeat A Hungry Mob?

Looter Defense Planning

Teaming up with other prepared (armed!) citizens has proven to be VERY effective during times of short-term looting and chaos, such as when protests take a violent direction (like in the Ferguson Riots).

When a few brick-throwing thugs are running through the streets looting convenient stores and setting police cars on fire, a show of force may prevent them from attacking.

And if they do, your “fire team” would most likely be able to easily defeat a small gang if you’re well trained and have a good defense plan.

But during a TRUE collapse – where people are literally starving (as we would see following a grid-down blackout)…

… this plan will FAIL every time against a mob of hungry, desperate citizens!

First, “hungry citizens” aren’t the same as a gang of armed thugs and you’ll find it hard to shoot into a crowd – especially if there are children in the mix.

You might think you could still do it.

I’m here to tell you from experience, you most likely won’t.

But even if you could, the cold, hard truth is that a mob that suspects you have food, water, and supplies inside your walls will stop at nothing to get inside if they’re faced with literal starvation.

It doesn’t matter how many guns you have… how many team members you have hunkered down… how many bullets you’ve stockpiled… you will STILL be just one molotov cocktail away from being burned out of your home and forced to come face-to-face with the violent mob – and with all of your supplies burned to ashes.

As Jonathan and I discussed in the NWPA “master class”…

There’s literally only ONE WAY to defeat a hungry, desperate, violent mob…

You can argue with us all you like, but we’ve seen it with our own eyes how the odds can quickly get stacked against you with a hungry mob outside your door – and the only survival option you’ll likely have is to…

… not be there when they come!

That’s it.  Plain and simple.

When your “survival radar” tells you that you could be facing a long-term crisis in any area near urban or suburban centers, your very first move should be to put your “bug-out plan” into action and move you and your family to safety as quickly as possible – LONG before there are any signs of problems in your area.

Jonathan had some great ideas for “where” to plan your safe zones.

But you also need to have your bug out bag ready to go at a moment’s notice so that you can quickly grab your supplies and be on the road before everyone else.

Even then, you could be stopped along the way from any number of threats – which is why…

…you need back-up plans for whatever you and your family may face on your way to safety!

There are actually “5 phases” of a disaster you (and your gear) need to be prepared for.

I highly recommend you use the survival plan we lay out in our survival gear guide you can get for free right here…

Once you’re at this readiness level, you never have to worry about mobs, looting, or being targeted by beggars.

Your home isn’t worth your life and the level of violence we’ll see during this kind of a collapse is unlike anything you can imagine.

Know the signs… possess the right gear… and have it ready to grab-and-go in a matter of minutes when it’s time to get the hell out of Dodge.

It’s the only way to survive when the masses transform into ruthless roaming mobs.

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