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Combat Survival Secrets Of The MS-13 Gang

Trump said it himself…

“These aren’t people. These are animals. They’ve spread gruesome bloodshed throughout the United States.”

He was talking about the notorious MS-13 gang — founded in Los Angeles in the 1980s and believed to have as many as 10,000 members in the U.S.

MS-13’s members are known for their distinctive tattoos… and for their extreme criminal activity, best summed up by the gang’s motto: “Mata, roba, viola, control” (Kill, steal, rape, control).

They’re vicious… they’re organized… they’re feared… and they’re EFFECTIVE in ensuring the survivability of their gang by making it well known that they are NOT to be f*cked with!

While I would never elevate the status of these complete wastes of oxygen, there are some critical lessons I feel you need to be aware of in what you can expect from the potential for violence following any kind of wide-scale disaster, collapse, or other crisis, so and here are…

Combat Survival Secrets Of The MS-13 Gang

Machete Combat Secrets Of MS-13
Combat Survival Secrets Of The MS-13 Gang

1. Safety In Numbers

Gangs band together for strength.

In any kind of collapse, emergency, or extended shutdown of infrastructure, gangs already established will have the advantage (including criminal gangs, motorcycle clubs, and patriotic “militias”).

In the world’s most dangerous environments, there is safety in numbers… and people band together along some tribal or shared line in order to protect themselves (just like criminals do in prisons).

You need to make sure, when things get bad, that you’ve got your own “tribe” of allies who can help back each other up.

That’s why survival groups are so important.

2. Project A “Badass Appearance”

You’ve seen the pictures just like I have.

MS-13 gang members can be spotted immediately by their fierce facial and body tattoos.

These tattoos show the world around them who they are… and to fear them.

Now, you aren’t going to run out and get a bunch of Mike Tyson tribal tats on your face… but you don’t have to.

You DO need to know how to project confidence, and to walk through dangerous areas like you’re aware of your surroundings and not an easy target.

As the old saying goes, “If you look like food, you will be eaten.”

3. Be Prepared To Abandon “Humanity”

Trump himself said it in reference to MS-13: These are animals, and they want you to think of them that way.

They use that fear to tell you, “Don’t mess with us,” because they know how fast human beings can turn aggressive.

This isn’t a “gang secret” — it’s simply called survival.

During a recent emergency in which a tourist cruise ship got stuck without power, passengers were stranded aboard with dwindling resources.

It was only a matter of days before fights broke out among passengers trying to get to the last of the food and water while frightened tourists barricaded themselves in their cabins.

You need to be prepared to defend against your neighbors and fellow citizens, who were “normal, civilized human beings” before things got desperate.

4. Know Your Weapons – And How To USE Them…

“Machetes, that’s one of their weapons of choice,” former police officer Mark Stephens said in a Newsweek article about MS-13. “Machetes and guns, and that’s only if they want you to die quickly.”

Stephens was talking about an incident in which MS-13 gang members EXECUTED one of their own members with a machete… to send a message.

They know just how powerful and fearsome the machete is…

… and so do I…

When I was in the military, the machete was MY personal back-up weapon, too… especially in combat.

Of course, just as with ANY weapon (knife, gun, whatever), it’s only as effective as the person who wields it, right?

I feel so strongly about this that I spent 3.5 years training in the legendary “Gatka” sword-fighting system of the legendary Sikh warriors…

…then another 2 years fine-tuning our own “Combat Machete” system, integrating elements of African and Central American machete arts (where real-world machete fighting is extremely common!), creating the ultimate fighting system that anyone can master in as little as 7 days.

If you’re serious about bladed weapons for self-defense – especially the machete – you might want to check out our free survival weapons guide you can get here…

You’ll then get the opportunity to get advanced training that shows you how to expertly wield 2 machetes at the same time… and multiple attacker techniques that are simple to train with and will truly make you a badass with any sword or machete.

I think you’ll be surprised at how fast you pick it up (and no “face-tats” necessary! hahahaha).


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