How To Survive Martial Law In U.S. Streets

MCS Podcast 30: Martial Law Survival Secrets With Ox

You might think that “martial law” – the temporary (or permanent) takeover of an area by government-controlled police and military – is just some doomsday prepper buzzword that could never take place in America.

You’d be wrong.

The fact is, we’ve already experienced martial law in U.S. streets and this week’s special broadcast should serve as a wake-up call for every patriotic American – or anyone else in the world concerned about freedom.

These are the survival skills that are going to require you to take action NOW… and my friend Ox shows  you how to plan a smarter way of protecting yourself when the rules change in an instant.

Keeping Your Freedom And Your Life Under Martial Law

Martial Law Survival


Here’s what’s in store for you in this week’s broadcast…

  • What martial law REALLY looks like when you look out your window and the armored personnel carriers are roaming your streets!
  • How to be the “grey man” to avoid unwanted attention from suspicious police and military when our citizens are looked at as the “enemy”.
  • How to hide your preps and avoid being exposed as a self-reliant survivalist when the government spooks come knocking on your door with a clipboard in hand.
  • Keep your guns! Here’s how when the troops start sniffing around with “confiscation for the greater good” on their mind!
  • Secret hides! Caching in plain sight to keep your supplies out of the hands of the stormtroopers.

I firmly believe that we will see more and more instances of martial law takeover in our country – perhaps on a greater scale.

The time to plan ISN’T when there’s a knock on the door.

It’s now.

What Other Tactics Do You Know About How To Survive A State Of Martial Law?

Please Help Your Fellow Patriots With Your Best Advice Below…

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