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MCS 153: Managing Your Survival Team Dynamics

Forget all the romantic fantasies about living a lone-wolf lifestyle following a wide-scale collapse or crisis.

The reality of a survival situation, especially a long-term survival situation, is that you may find yourself living under tremendous stress with scarce resources.

This is why we’ve talked extensively in the past about why you should consider building a survival team to band together with like-minded preppers and pool your skills and resources for better odds of survival.

But the “human” side of survival can be just as challenging as the environment you find yourself in… if not more!

In this week’s episode, urban survival expert and author, Richard Duarte, shares his best strategies for leading a survival team through the hardest times… without killing each other in the process!

Working Together Without Wanting To KILL EACH OTHER!

Building A Survival Team - Dynamics

Here’s A Look At What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • How to know if your team is psychologically “ready” to survive together… or if they’ve fallen for the 3 big survival myths most people discover too late!
  • What life is REALLY like after a collapse or wide-scale SHTF crisis!
  • How to build a rock-solid foundation for your survival team that’s based on real-world strategies (and not science fiction fantasy)!
  • Your and your family’s “personal space”: How to keep it sacred when stuffed together with stressed out survivalists!
  • What to do when bad breath and body odor get the best of you and you’re ready to kick your team members downwind!

Mastering the “human” side of survival is critical for long-term self-reliance.

It’s finally time for you to step up and fill the role of “Mediator In Chief” to pull your team through the hard times ahead!

What Other “Personal Challenges” Can You See Coming Up Among A Survival Team?

Please Share Your Questions (And Tips!) Below Now…

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