MCS Podcast 110: Survival Speed Round!

MCS Podcast 110: Survival Speed Round!

Survival Tips

I’m rushing to get this out…

(pant pant)

From one plane onto another as I go from speaking at the Self-Reliance Expo in Florida to head over to another event in the mountains of Colorado.

(pant pant)

I have just enough time to dip into our stockpile of submissions and pull out 5 good “survival questions”… and spit out a direct, “no b.s.” answer in the fastest time possible!

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Get ready to take quick notes, as I field questions like…

  • “I’m building up food reserves and don’t really have a safe hiding place or a bugout location. I’m stuck here.  Where can I hide my emergency food?  ~ Terry V.
  • When hiding your guns during martial law, what do you do about the guns that are in your safe?”  ~ Brian S.
  • When prepping for financial collapse, should I melt down my jewelry or keep it as individual pieces?”  ~ Dawn P.
  • How can I prepare on a limited budget?  I don’t have a large cash reserve, gold and silver, or hidden assets that can be used for barter.”  ~ James M.

  • What is a good average for supplies and ammo to meet basic survival needs as it relates per person to thrive for 1, 6, or even 12 months?”  ~ Joseph F.

Fast and furious baby!

Do YOU Have Any Other Advice For These Questions?

Please Share Your Best Tips Below Now To Help Out Your Fellow Patriots…

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