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MCS Podcast 16: Shelter-In-Place Survival Air With F.J. Bohan

Without clean, breathable air, you’ll be DEAD in 3 minutes!

That’s one of the bottom line survival facts every true prepper knows in “The Law Of 3’s”… yet it’s also the most often ignored.

Face it… most shelter-in-place plans tell you how to store food and water but fail miserably at showing you how to make sure you and your family have fresh clean air – especially if the threat you face is a pandemic-ridden environment.

In this podcast, Frank “F.J.” Bohan reveals how to fill in this gap in your survival plan and ensure your survival while others are desperate for life-giving oxygen.

shelter in place survival air

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Here’s what you’ll discover when you listen in:

  • The “No B.S.” threats you MUST be aware of that could trigger you to hunker down in an air-lock chamber in order to survive!
  • Why FEMA’s bad advice to simply seal yourself off from the outdoors when pathogens and contaminants are seeping into your home is literally threatening your life (you could be dead before the toxins even reach you if you follow their instructions)!
  • The simple 3-step solution for guaranteeing fresh, clean, breathable air… even during a pandemic crisis! (Ebola included!)
  • Your Home Depot shopping list to create your own “oxygen factory” when a radiological or biological disaster is permeating the air around you!
  • Step-by-step instructions for how to build your shelter-in-place air generator for under $100!

This is one of those survival items you simply CAN’T do without… yet most are completely unaware of the threat they’re not prepared for.

Listen in and follow these instructions right away to “breathe easy” about your own survival plan!

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