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MCS Podcast 17: Handgun Stopping Power Secrets With Peyton Quinn

Stopping an attacker with a firearm is about much more than just buying a big gun and stuffing it full of big bullets.

In fact, Peyton Quinn was hired specifically to test conventional thinking and prove once and for all how certain guns and bullets can work together to save your life in a real-life shootout.

In this podcast, you’ll need an open mind to evaluate your own personal defense arsenal to see how it stands up to the science.

Does YOUR Handgun Have Enough “Stopping Power?”

Handgun Stopping Power

Here’s what you’ll discover when you listen in:

  • The little-known difference between “killing power” and “stopping power” when it comes to your gun’s performance (and why it matters)!
  • The most important factors you need to evaluate when choosing the best caliber of your personal defense firearm (despite what the macho gun guru’s behind the Cabella’s counter might tell you).
  • Why the length of your gun’s barrel can drastically determine your firearm’s true stopping power no matter what bullet you’re feeding it!
  • “Center mass”? “Head shot”? What’s the most effective targeting tactic to stop an attacker as fast as possible when he’s charging your way with a knife?
  • The psychological factor of a real-life gunfight… and why your brain can either betray you or save your very life!

The best gun to stop an attacker is the one you can get to fast… and use it under stress.

But not all guns (and bullets) are made the same and you’ll see the critical difference in this week’s broadcast!

Have You Ever Shot Gelatin Or Other “Ballistic Target” With Your Firearm?

Did You Make Any Discoveries? Please Share Your Experience Below…

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