MCS Podcast 27: Pandemic Survival With Mike Adams

MCS Podcast 27: Pandemic Survival With Mike Adams

Even the government agencies in charge of protecting our population admit that we’re long overdue for a devastating pandemic disease that could wipe out a large number of people.

When that happens, it will stretch our healthcare system beyond capacity and the only healthcare your family may be able to depend on is you and your knowledge of what to do next.

That’s a tough spot to be in when you don’t know what to look for and how to response in a diseased environment – so we asked health activist, Mike Adams,to help show us the way.

PANDEMIC!: Surviving When You’re On Your Own


Here’s what’s in store for you in this week’s broadcast…

  • The truth about a deadly pandemic that normal “sheeple” will never know… and what they’ll see out their window when it’s too late!
  • The 3 most common myths the public has about how to respond to a disease outbreak (DON’T fall for these!)
  • The 6-phases of a pandemic outbreak… and the specific actions you should take once we hit “Stage 4 & 5”.
  • Why hospitals are the WORST place to be during a pandemic… and how to tell when it’s going to be your only option for survival.
  • It’s happened! One of your family members has contracted a disease. Discover how to be your own “doctor” when help and medicine isn’t on the way!

Remember… YOU are the only one you can depend on in a crisis!

These strategies will provide you with real answers for how to respond.

What Do You Think Is Our Most Probably Pandemic Threat?

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