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MCS Podcast 40: Warrior Meditation With Loren Christensen

There are a lot of myths and misinformation surrounding the practice of meditation.

But did you know that meditation – when practiced the right way – can literally elevate all of your “warrior skills” from shooting… fighting… even surviving?

And out special guest, Loren Christensen, can show you how with these simple exercises.

Bulletproofing Your Mind With Warrior Meditations

Warrior Meditation With Loren Christensen

Here’s what you have waiting for you in this week’s broadcast…

  • 3 ways today’s “modern day warrior” can benefit from just a few minutes of simple meditation exercises anyone can do!
  • How to find time (in even the busiest day) to focus on a meditative practice that could elevate ALL of your training to the next level!
  • “Gun meditations!”  Invisible training to help you become a better shooter.
  • A simple meditation for soldiers, police, and anyone who wants a “bulletproof mind” as you face the dangers of the day!
  • A simple morning ritual to solidify your tactical mind-set and approach every day alert and “at the ready”!

This is one of those podcasts where you can actually PARTICIPATE as you listen, so get ready to feel the difference!

Have You Ever Tried Meditation Before?

Please Share Your Experience On How It’s Helped Your Tactical Skills By Commenting Below Now…

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