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MCS Podcast 51: Survival Strategies For Senior Citizens

We all know you need to prepare for disasters and unexpected crisis.

Food… water… self-protection… evacuation plan… gear…

But what if you’re… um… “old-er” or have mobility problems like a wheelchair, walker or other obstacle holding you back from a fast bug-out decision?

Are you just doomed to sit in your home with Mr. Fluffernutter (your cat) and pray that your time hasn’t come?

Not according to Tony Nester who’s here to help you plan your escape or how to shelter-in-place for any disaster!

Survival For Seniors: How To Prepare At Any Age

Survival Planning For Seniors

Here’s what awaits you in this week’s episode…

  • How to plan for a forced-evacuation bugout when throwing a 50lb backpack over your shoulders and hiking off into the wasteland just isn’t an option!
  • Prepping on a budget!  When your limited by a fixed-income, here’s how to make every penny count and still be prepared.
  • Real-world self-defense tips against looters and opportunists who may target the elderly as “easy targets” when law enforcement response isn’t available!
  • How to plan for your “prescription med stockpile” to make sure your most critical health aids are there when you need them and the pharmacies are all shut down!
  • Prepping with pets! How to get Fido to cooperate so you don’t have to feel guilty about leaving your trusted companions behind… nor let them force you to stay and suffer your fate!

This has been one of our most requested topics and there are some great tips for anyone in there – whether you’re a senior or a snot-nosed whippersnapper!

Have Any Other Tips For Survival Planning For Seniors?

Please Share Your Best Advice Below Now…

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