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MCS Podcast 54: Survival Hunting Hacks With Erich Jameson

A survey once done with American households found that about 75% of all households only have about 3 days of food available if there were any sort of disaster or crisis that disrupted our infrastructure.

That’s why most smart survivalists have already begun stocking up on survival food in order to prepare for a potential collapse.

But the true survivor knows that an even BETTER plan is to have an alternative food source available to help you extend your supplies along the way rather than be put in a position where you’re hungry and at the very end of your stockpile of MRE’s and freeze-dried food.

But hunting and fishing in a post-collapse world is going to require you to collect all the little “hunting hacks” you can collect and survival hunter, Erich Jameson, unloads some of his best in this week’s podcast…

Survival Hunting Hacks To Catch Wild Game After Collapse

survival hunting tips

Here’s what you’ll discover when you listen in:

  • Pros and cons of hunting with firearms in a post-collapse scenario… and the best alternatives you should consider stocking up on now to prep your covert arsenal!
  • Secrets to finding game in any environment (even urban areas!)
  • Stalking tactics for getting in close-range “kill zone”!
  • Fishing hacks for landing “the big one” without having to wait all day for a nibble on your line!
  • Survival cross-over: How to use Erich’s hunting tips for real-world escape and evasion purposes… when YOU are the prey!

There’s a ton of great information in here for everyone from “expert hunters” to the complete noob who wants to learn how to supplement your emergency food supply during tough times!

Call-Out To All Expert Hunters Out There:

Share Your Best Survival Hunting Tips Below…

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